Why intergator and not BI solution!?

BI solutions e.g. Tableau are an excellent analytics visualisation software, but intergator is a comprehensive knowledge management, delivery and services solution including:

  • One-stop search across a lot of content sources (single point of access)
  • Content & usage analytics and visualization of content/metadata statistics and relations with the intergator Report Centre 2
  • Contextual exploration and sharing of content with an easy to use Social Dashboard
  • User support by a semantic knowledge graph to show user similar and related content
  • Capturing of knowledge using the intergator Social Dashboard and Document Archive

With the breaking new intergator 5 search & analytics solution and the new intergator Report Center 2.0, you will have the best of both world. On 18. 19. June we will present our integrator 5 Live in our intergator: SEARCH DAYS 2015. You can be curious!