Why Enterprise Search has become so important!

The significance of Enterprise Search continues to grow rapidly.  Let me explain the reasons and how management should address this topic.

In terms of work productivity and the development of Digital Workplace environments there is probably nothing more important than to provide employees with the necessary tools and work environments to perform their jobs effectively and efficiently.

However, in the course of time companies introduce new applications without knowing or taking into consideration that work becomes increasingly difficult for their employees who are supposed to benefit most from them. This is the case for instance with ECM (Enterprise-Content-Management) technologies and cloud solutions, to which in particular small companies have turned and which have been flooding the market during the last few years.

Where are my data? Mastering the flood of data

Often there are many technical ways to optimize data management so that documents and data become more accessible and easier to find. However, if someone needs to find specific content in a multitude of technologies, shares/storage and applications, he/she will end up searching in each application separately, trying to make the necessary correlations himself. In light of massive data growth this presents a large problem and a huge waste of time. As more and more companies are dependent on innovation to maintain – and ideally increase – their competitiveness and productivity the need is all the greater to provide to employees one central access to all digital information – one single point of information access. This is where the term Enterprise Search (ES) comes into play as a possible solution.

intergator Enterprise Sea´rch

Enterprise Search is a technical concept and a method to bring together data from different data sources and resources in a homogenous index structure to make them discoverable and accessible.

Why waste time?

Many people know the vexing problem of everyday work: important needed information is hidden in a seemingly endless document and/or in different data sources. Thus, searching in extensive and varied documentation and data sources (databases, file server, emails etc.) becomes a very complicated process. Moreover, one wants to find the information in corresponding text passages rather than a long document as a whole.

Does Enterprise Search represent an adequate solution to this challenge?

The right Enterprise Search-solution facilitates the finding of specific documents within large amounts of data and distributed onto different databases and data sources, linking relevant information across files. All of this happens without the user having to sign into each system separately and search through it, but with the sole access point to all information!

A simple ROI calculation:

Best evidence is the use of our intergator Documentation Reader at an IT company in greater Dresden. By means of intergator Analytics it was shown that the approx. 1000 employees run 400 search queries per day, of which in each there are at least 2 clicks on Office and PDF files. Due to its preview function and the highlighting of search items in each document the intergator Documentation Reader saves 10 seconds of search time and 10 seconds of loading time, effectively saving 20 seconds of search time per searched document.

Summing up above numbers this results in a total of 16.000 saved seconds, which translates into a time saving of 4.4 hours per day. Thus, in a month you save 88 hours of pure search time, adding up to 1.056 hours in a year! An engineer with an average annual income of 40.000 Euros or 3.333 Euros per month has an hourly wage of approximately 21 Euros. Consequently, the use of the intergator Documentation Reader will have saved the client up to 22.176 Euros after one year!!!

TOP 10 use cases of Enterprise Search

  1. Search on network drive and on file server
  2. Search for experts and for contact persons
  3. Search for applicants/ candidates – search within HR (profile matching)
  4. Information on employee services
  5. User-generated search
  6. Customer inquiry – Call Center (Help Desk)
  7. Competitor monitoring
  8. Compliance monitoring
  9. Intranet search
  10. Collaboration – Social Dashboard

Where is the added value?

The implementation of an Enterprise Search-solution guarantees in any case an increase in employee productivity.

Above listed Top 10 best-practice-uses indicate to you what Enterprise Search can do:

  • To have all information for processing customer inquiries from a single source
  • It enables your employees to quickly and competently respond to inquiries and to solve problem cases
  • It automates (re)finding of know-how and maximizes the use of existing knowledge
  • It provides knowledge-centered support
  • It prevents a waste of time with long searches or ineffective work

An increased employee productivity is always a blessing to the economy. While additional monetary expenditures for a new data management system may not seem attractive at first, the benefits by far outweigh the costs.

Eduard Daoud (CEO of interface projects GmbH) has brought more than 10 years of sales experience from the innovatively growing technology sector to interface projects GmbH. Closely working with management he is responsible for overall strategy, its execution and business operations. He supports clients in recognizing the value of Enterprise Search for their processes and its successful implementation. In addition to a Computer Science degree from Leipzig University Mr. Daoud obtained an MBA degree, majoring in General Management, from Dresden International University in 2014. For further information please visit www.intergator.de