Welcome aboard, Communardo!

Communardo Software GmbH to become new sales and integration partner of intergator

Logo CommunardoDresden, June 2016 – With Communardo Software GmbH interface projects has won a new partner for sales and integration of intergator.

Communardo Software GmbH is a specialist for knowledge management, digital collaboration and networked communication. As a multi-award-winning Social Business Leader the firm supports enterprises with strategic and technological means in their transformation efforts to creating a digital workplace.

The partnership between Communardo as s social business specialist and interface projects as a leading enterprise search provider – fostered by geographic proximity as both companies are from Dresden – helps creating new synergies to develop solutions in the areas of knowledge management and social collaboration for enterprises. The enterprise-wide and cross-system search solution of intergator paired by the connectors developed by interface projects for multiple data sources are key to link up the various technologies used within enterprises. By joining up forces for both companies new opportunities are arising to implement solutions in the fields of social intranet and digital collaboration for existing and new customers.