Tagging, Commenting & Bookmarking for a Social Search

Living in times of web 2.0 it has become obvious that solutions are very powerful when contents can be qualified by users themselves. Basic techniques are social bookmarking and tagging. In connection with the improvement of search solutions we talk about social search.

An example for the value of Social Search

When searching for the current certificate of ISO 9001 on the file server you can easily despair. Very often it happens that colleagues copy all documents for announcements and projects into one folder. Thus, when searching you will find a lot of similar documents and will not be able to clearly identify the most current or original version due to its often having been updated in the meantime.

Experienced users will be able to find the appropriate file in spite of a long results list. With the help of intergator all employees can be provided with this expertise. When a user finds a document that is important and will be used again by him/her, he/she can bookmark it  as “favorite” in the results list by clicking on the star right at the hit preview.

Matching terms are shown as tag proposals in the dialogue window (certificate, iso). The user can add additional comments like “This is the current ISO 9001 certificate.”

Double benefit occurs by bookmarking AND tagging the search result. The document is listed in the user’s favorites and will be shown via an appropriate widget on the dashboard. Furthermore, the document will be displayed during next search for “zertifikat iso” in an automatically displayed group of tagged documents at the top of the hit list – and from this all other users will benefit when using one of the tags in their query.

The highlight of this solution: Indexes or indexed data sets from data bases as well as files can be marked as favorites. The integration of these functions into intergator has widened the field of applications and so our enterprise search is no longer limited to enterprise 2.0 applications.