PPS_Finder as a research tool

24/08/2018 | Newspaper research with intergator and PPS_Finder

The intelligent search in digital newspaper archives Modern magazine and publishing houses often have large databases of publications, which increasingly need to be digitized to be ready for comprehensive research. However, newspapers and magazines that date from before the computer age are often only available in paper format. Scanned and digitized in large-scale projects with[…]

related vectorized terms

01/08/2018 | The path to an intelligent assistent

Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Search Using machine learning methods trained systems can be used to independently index and categorize vast amounts of data. The machine recognizes the content of the document and classifies it according to previous assumptions and experiences. For the search the underlying vector mathematics offers new scenarios e.g. a comprehensive[…]

26/09/2017 | Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning is testing intergator

The product intergator by the company interface projects GmbH from Dresden is currently being tested as part of the CD&E knowledge management project “MErk”. The project focuses on unlocking knowledge that exists in the intranet but is difficult to find without the right tools. Decisive factors for the Bundeswehr Office for Defence Planning were in[…]

24/04/2017 | Tackling big contents with artificial intelligence by intergator

New video clip showing smart features of intergator 5.4.x The retrieval of relevant information from big contents has made a huge leap forward with the 5th generation of intergator. Through the application of machine learning methods the automatic semantic analysis of digital contents has reached a new level, enabling image search and image recognition among[…]

02/03/2017 | Automatic content analysis and manual input: An outlook on intergator 2017

The further development of intergator continues in 2017, driven by the needs of our customers, findings from ongoing research projects and current market trends. A main focus is the semantics area, which – supported by machine learning methods – is continuously expanded for automatic content analysis. What is new is the combination of automatisms combined[…]

29/11/2016 | Deep Learning – the master key for document analyses? (Part 1)

Business decisions based on complex data analyses: Challenges & opportunities The steadily advancing digitization of business processes – from personnel administration, product management and production to customer support – allows for complex decision-making processes to become more sustainable on the basis of comprehensive data. However, this presupposes that the relevant data is available at decision-making[…]

24/08/2016 | Semantic Search for intergator

When I wrote my last blog post 16 months ago I had not imagined to be part of the intergator team for so long. Nevertheless, following my internship I was not only offered a student job, but after that the opportunity to write my diploma thesis here. What had been the focus of my internship assignment[…]