German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) opts for intergator Enterprise Search

interface projects GmbH has been awarded the project contract for the provision of an enterprise search product Munich, Dresden, April 2016 – As a result of an EU-wide tender for the deployment of an enterprise search product the German Patent and Trade Mark Office has announced interface projects GmbH from Dresden to realize the project. With the introduction of an enterprise search solution the German Patent and Trade Mark Office

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Knowledge Management & Enterprise Search in HEALTHCARE

Our colleague from our MEA representative office Mr. Nabil Azar shares his thoughts about an improved healthcare management with the intelligent Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management platform intergator. Potential Challenges: Healthcare providers, researchers and administrative staff have difficulties in finding the information they need as content is stored in multiple locations: an institutional document repository (eLibrary) and collaboration team sites as well as a separate content management system (CMS) for

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Knowledge Management by Reifenhäuser Group

After a detailed vendor comparison, the Reifenhäuser Group, one of the leading developers and manufacturers of plastic extrusion, has decided for the intergator Enterprise Search from the interface projects GmbH.
The successfully integrated search solution intergator offers a place for central information procurement for all employees of the Reifenhäuser Group.

Enterprise search for small businesses/ intergator mini vs Google mini

A lot of companies are now facing the challenge of replacing the Google Mini, because this product isn’t supported anymore. intergator offers a feature for feature match against the Google Mini and replacement without downtime and with small investment. Before I go more deeply into a comparison between intergator mini und google mini let me bring some light into enterprise search first. Enterprise Search is a part of information management.

6 benefits of Knowledge Management

IT driven KM with intergator Many benefits of Knowledge Management can be achieved with an IT-driven solution like intergator. These are some of the key aspects where intergator can support the organization’s KM: Find relevant information and data much faster intergator allows users to quickly, safely and comfortably access the internal information assets of an organization to effectively support the provision of information. Find what you need, when you need

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interface projects GmbH is the new partner of edoc solutions ag

„If you would know, where it is, what you were looking for, you wouldn’t look for it.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated that a search for the knowing unnecessary is. This credo is also an essential component regarding the topic Enterprise Content Management (ECM). For not only the systematic archiving and managing documents are important, but also the search and the quick finding. This

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Enhance your customer service with enterprise search

How to make your CRM/Call Center System a single point of access to resolve customer cases!? Problem: Agent productivity & contact center performance are one of the typical goals of every call center solution/ CRM vendor or any organisation which work a lot with the B2C concept. The agents only need one application to resolve cases/issues and get a 360 degree view of the customer. But in some contact centers

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Google search appliance alternative

We understand the needs of enterprise customers like “Kühne + Nagel”, and we know that many corporations don’t want to use Software-as-a-Service products. Security and availability considerations can require a locally installed version, particularly when it comes to sensitive analytics. That’s why intergator Enterprise Search is available in both a hardware and a software appliance version. The hardware appliance comes as a pre-configured server machine. The appliance lets you install

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intergator Documentation Reader- a clear ROI?

Many people know the problem – important Information are wanted – but they hide out behind long documents. But the research in extensive documents is a very complex process. Fact is: The user wants to find information and relevant text passages and not a document as a whole. Represents intergator Documentation Reader an adequate solution for this special challenge? Which performance offers the Documentation Reader?  The location of determined text

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Semantic Enterprise Search Solution

Today’s customers want to use powerful search engines for their huge and increasing content repositories. Full-text-only products with simple result lists are not enough to satisfy this community. Different content sources require different analyzing and indexing strategies and a content-specific result presentation. There is a lot of research in the field of the application of semantic web technologies for information retrieval. A wide range of useful standard vocabularies and powerful

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