Tagging, Commenting & Bookmarking for a Social Search

Living in times of web 2.0 it has become obvious that solutions are very powerful when contents can be qualified by users themselves. Basic techniques are social bookmarking and tagging. In connection with the improvement of search solutions we talk about social search. An example for the value of Social Search When searching for the current certificate of ISO 9001 on the file server you can easily despair. Very often

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Knowledge Management & Enterprise Search in HEALTHCARE

Our colleague from our MEA representative office Mr. Nabil Azar shares his thoughts about an improved healthcare management with the intelligent Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management platform intergator. Potential Challenges: Healthcare providers, researchers and administrative staff have difficulties in finding the information they need as content is stored in multiple locations: an institutional document repository (eLibrary) and collaboration team sites as well as a separate content management system (CMS) for

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Union Investment decides for intergator Enterprise Search

New website of Union Investment The Union Investment Privatfonds GmbH offers its customers a modern website with intergator Enterprise Search as new website search solution. The Privatfonds GmbH is part of the Union Investment Group and offers public funds for private clients. In the course of reworking of the website a modern search solution was required which does justice to the high claims of its customers. interface projects GmbH from

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Why intergator and not BI solution!?

BI solutions e.g. Tableau are an excellent analytics visualisation software, but intergator is a comprehensive knowledge management, delivery and services solution including:

Enhance your customer service with enterprise search

How to make your CRM/Call Center System a single point of access to resolve customer cases!? Problem: Agent productivity & contact center performance are one of the typical goals of every call center solution/ CRM vendor or any organisation which work a lot with the B2C concept. The agents only need one application to resolve cases/issues and get a 360 degree view of the customer. But in some contact centers

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