Google Search Appliance (GSA) replacement program with intergator


Why you should consider the intergator Appliance for your GSA replacement

Enterprise Search, Knowledge Management & Content Analytics made in Germany: interface projects GmbH  is the only vendor from Germany to offer its solution not only as a software but also as an appliance. Key benefit of the appliance approach: All knowledge and data remain within the enterprise! The intergator Appliance is the perfect Google Search Appliance replacement for all wanting to ensure maximum power with minimum integration efforts.

More than a GSA replacement: Advantages of the intergator Appliance

  • Optimum system configuration for an efficient search solution
  • Service and support for hard- and software from one source
  • Easy and quick integration into the existing IT infrastructure

See here for more information on available variants of the intergator Appliance.

Attention GSA customers: Decide for a GSA replacement with the intergator Appliance by 31.12.2017 and get an intergator Mini Appliance for free.

Selected search functions like and beyond GSA

Similar to a Google search intergator offers many intelligent search functionalities like search recommendations and auto correction, synonym search, transliteration, cross- and multi-lingual search and metadata facets (see here for a listing of search functions).  Moreover, features allowing for bookmarking and tagging of search results add a social aspect to a query (social search); extended preview functions provided by the intergator Documentation Reader  are unique and allow for searching and sharing of content in documents for which the native software is not even  installed on the user’s device.

Smart data functionality for a smart search is provided by the latest intergator version based on machine learning. This includes image search, image recognition, complex classifications and extended Named Entity Recognition, “Did you mean …” recommendations and search suggestions based on neural networks.

Comparison of intergator Appliance and Google Search Appliance (GSA)

 intergator Applianceintergator Trusted Search ApplianceGoogle Search Appliance
Focus- Enterprise Search
- Website Search
- Social Intranet
- Content Analytics
- Knowledge Management
- Search for documents with a higher confidentiality level
- Information Management Compliance
- Enterprise Search
- Website Search
Index objectsup to 50.000.000up to 10.000.000up to 30.000.000
Hardware Form Factor1 Unit-Rack System1 Unit-Rack System1 Unit-Rack System
Standard Clientsyesyesyes
Content from 3rd Party Feedsunlimitedunlimitedlimited
Clusteringyesyeswith more than box with full price
Connectorsover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd party connectors. Guaranteed by the vendorover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd party connectors. Guaranteed by the vendoronly round about 5 standard and 3rd Party connectors
Supportguaranteed by the vendor directly guaranteed by the vendor directly out of support

** Above provided information is based on carful research. No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information.


Comparison of intergator:mini and Google mini

 intergator miniGoogle mini
Manufacturerinterface projects GmbHGoogle
Focus- Website Search
- Intranet Search for SMB
- Social Intranet with the intergator Social Dashboard
- Index replication in Enterprise Search Cluster
- Website Search
- Internal Search
Index objectsup to 300.000up to 300.000
Hardware Form Factora little bigger than a pen1 Unit-Rack Mount
OutputSimple JSONComplex XML/XSLT
Content from RBDSunlimitedSearch Results from a DBS with Google OneBox Enterprise
Content from file serveryesno
Content from 3rd Party Feedsunlimitedno
Data Connectorsover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd Party connectors3rd Party connectors
Supportactiveout of support

** Above provided information is based on carful research. No responsibility is taken for the accuracy of the information.



The comparison of intergator Appliances with Google Search Appliance (GSA) can be downloaded here as PDF [406 KB].


GSA to intergator Appliance migration process in 6 steps

gsa replacement with intergator alternative

For further information on our GSA replacement program please send an email to sales@intergator.de or use our form for your inquiry.

* Discount is only applicable for acquisition of the basic license plus these intergator components: Dashboard, Navigator, Documentation Reader, Analytics

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