Social Intranet & personalized information supply

In the commercial life “Social” is aimed in particular at modern forms of the cooperation and at actual flows of information. Besides, a new Social software solution itselfs still brings no progress, because collaborative tools must be accepted by the employees and will not be an additional burden. A key to the solution to this dilemma lies in the appreciation of the intranet for centralized , interactive and personalized information hub.

Social Intranet and Collaboration

Social-Intranet-solutionCollaboration is the dominant concept of Enterprise Search 2.0. Especially when it comes to breaking down information silos. Enterprise 2.0 solutions – including SharePoint – run the risk of creating new 2.0 – silos. Therefore, collaboration without inclusion of the already available information systems has only restricted value. Tagging, sharing, comment and rate only within collaborative tools is not enough. The majority of information objects (records, E-Mails, files) is beyond their reach.

Following this idea a Social Intranet is more than just a communication platform for employees. It’s about of having direct access to everything important and to evaluate relationships between business documents. Therefore content analyses are needed, which are ideally a component of the search indexing in the intranet.

For this Enterprise Search is the predestined technology, both for the indecing of unstructured (data, E-Mails etc.) and structured data (databases, ERP, CRM etc.). It provides a central and easy access point regardless of where the information is stored. The so simplified access to information reduces the users threshold and offers a comfortable alternative for the access of information in complicated systems.

A practicable collaboration solution requires personalization. This is even more for a search index-based Social Intranet. From the collection of the company-wide available content the personally important content must be filtered out. Grouping of information is an important condition for the fact that all important information is topically available to the user in his field of activity. This may not lead to the fact, that he loses the overview in the wealth of information.

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