intergator identifies personal information according to GDPR

With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) by May 2018, new challenges emerge for corporations and organizations of any size. The regulation raises the requirements for the protection of personal data. Facing requests or objections, companies and their data protection officers are bound to give comprehensive information on the data collected and processed. These information can be scattered on various systems and make a research a tedious and nearly impossible task. If the proposer even insists on a deletion of his personal data, the collector might be obligated to do this completely. Errors or omissions might result into severe penalties.

Successfully implementing the GDPR with intergator

As a central research platform for all information sources within a company or an organization, intergator links all relevant data in a single point of access. Data may be scattered over various systems (file server and drives, databases, wikis, emails , a.s.o.). With a system-wide indexing and an intelligent processing of these information, personal data may be localized secure and efficiently and prepared in a dashboard/ cockpit on demand. An important prerequisite for a full-scale research is the linking of all data sources into the intergator. This concept allows companies and organizations a quick and comprehensive implementation of all GDPR requirements to protect personal data.

How can the intergator GDPR dashboard be used?

The intergator GDPR dashboard provides a central platform for the information research of the data protection officer/ person in charge. It is flexible in adaption and can be programmed with pre-defined apps for entitled user groups. Additionally, the intergator GDPR dashboard may be used by every employee to completely view his or her personal data the own company might have collected, to determine possible violations against the GDPR and to report it to a central office within the company/ organization.


You are already using intergator? Please contact your account manager which strategy intergator already uses today and whether your instance is ready for the GDPR. Customers using intergator may already have the option to fulfill the GDPR regulations.
You do not use intergator yet? For all those who are interested in intergator and its use with the GDPR, we are offering a free counseling with our sales/ consulting team.

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