Tailored search applications for the support of business processes

In addition to text content from the internet data from CRM and ERP systems play a major role in business processes. Therefore a 360° view across all content sources is needed.

By a consolidated access to structured and unstructured information search applications can consider the context of  customized commercial processes and deliver optimum results.

From a technical point of view it’s about  semantic mashups in form of InfoApps (Search index-Based Applications). Lightweight InfoApps assume the visualization and personalization of content.

On the same technology customer-specific applications can be realized, which are characterized by high performance and low complexity. In contrast to purely datasource-based applications searchindex-based applications operate exclusively on the generated index and thus not require access to the original data supplies.

Embedded in modern intranet solutions with social elements InfoApps achieve a new quality in the supply of information to employees, business partners and customers.

[box] An example of search-index based application is the intergator Social Dashboard with the optional InfoApps Expert Finder und Navigator. Personalized Intranet homepages can be much easier provided than with conventional portal solutions[/box].

Visual presentation of results in tabular form and via a hypertree which facilitates exploratory search.
expertfinderExpert Finder
Information about abilities and expert’s assessment from already existing sources allows the construction of skill profiles.

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