Enterprise Search despite SAP for a centralized and intelligent information retrieval in the intranet

Although SAP offers a comprehensive full-text search with TREX, it is recommended to implement an enterprise search solution despite SAP.

SAP is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that occupies a central place in many organizations. TREX is a powerful solution for searching for information within SAP.

However, often SAP is not used in all areas of the company. In addition to SAP, other applications are also used in companies such as emails, file servers, websites and collaboration platforms. How can employees who use SAP as a central system find and access content which is stored in other data sources?

Furthermore, it often happens that SAP is not used in all areas of the enterprise. Nonetheless do situations arise in which information from SAP is required for a work process. For example, invoices or order forms are often sent by email as attachments. How can non-SAP users access this content?

SAP information access for non-SAP users: Accessing Information stored in SAP with Enterprise Search

Enterprise Serach of intergator enables a sigle point of information access to all applications of the enterprise like SAP via connectors and convertors

Reifenhäuser Group

Read here how employees at Reifenhäuser Group can find all process-relevant information throughout the company by connecting SAP with intergator.

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An Enterprise Search solution such as intergator enables across departments the exchange of information from all internal organizational data sources. With intergator, user groups of an organization can gain read access to information that is documented in SAP. Thus, employees can exchange information and knowledge easily, securely and quickly, of course in accordance with their respective authorizations. The intergator search not only provides non-SAP users with read-only access to relevant information for their business processes. Furthermore, intergator enables a company-wide:

  • Search for address data
  • Search in order texts
  • Text fragment search
  • Search for parts of serial numbers & manufacturer names

These  customers have implemented intergator Enterprise Search despite SAP: 

Example for the search interface of intergator for queries in SAP Order Management

Search interface of intergator for queries in SAP Order Management

Let SAP be part of your Digital Workplace with intergator

Information from SAP is of great importance for business processes and crucial for an organization’s success. This applies equally to all other systems and applications in use at a company, such as enterprise wikis, mail systems, social networks, content management systems, and so on. For this reason, a good search within SAP only is not sufficient.

The focus of many enterprises is a centralized information retrieval from their entire intranet. With intergator, users are provided with a single point of entry to all applications of a company’s intranet (Single point of Information Access – SPoA). This is made possible with standard connectors for all common intranet applications such as DMS, CMS, ERP, ESN etc. Thus, intergator also strengthens the importance of SAP applications in the company. The intergator search is easy to use and therefore provides easy access to all intranet applications including SAP.

In addition to a powerful search across all data sources intergator provides:

  • a central entry into the digital workplace
  • transparency about all stored information and the structure behind it
  • the identification of experts in the company
  • the aggregated display of information and the ability to share it

Enterprise search for a single point of information access for all applications within an organization like SAP, SharePoint etc.

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