The digital workplace in practice

Modern work environments are characterized by the use of intelligent software solutions and systems for internal and external processes. A social collaboration platform like Microsoft’s SharePoint facilitates collaboration and networking and the social intranet is the means for cross-departmental and interdisciplinary work. Standard processes are supported by self-service technologies and workflow-management tools. Clients and third party partners need an external access via mobile apps, internet and social media channels.

Which implication does this have in practice? For the employees of a company it means that every day they deal in their work with a variety of applications: emails, intranet, file share, CRM, BPM, DMS, ERP and ticketing systems are only a few of commonly used systems.

Technology at the Digital Workplace

source: Communardo Software GmbH

Challenges of the digital workplace

This digitization of enterprises brings along a growing number of files, documents, data sets and emails. The core problem: Employees are only able to find information which they are already familiar with or when they know its filing location. Is the required information incomplete or not found altogether the expenditure of time increases either through additional searching or by possible duplication efforts because the seemingly lacking information is complemented by the employee.

Many applications are limited to comprehensive search functions within their own systems (see Enterprise Search for IBM Lotus Notes and Domino and Enterprise Search despite of SharePoint). Often the linking to external systems is not possible or requires individual solutions. Is one application being used as leading application very often features of other applications are lost in the integration.

[box title=””]A universal Enterprise Search provides the solution to connecting all systems within the digital workplace.[/box]

By means of our cooperation with Communardo Software GmbH we are able to provide to enterprises a solution to master the strategic and conceptual challenges of digital transformation processes with intergator (see also interview).

Deployment variants of an Enterprise Search within the Digital Workplace

  • Enterprise Search as the central point of entry (via Dashboard) to to all corporate applications: all systems are hosted there and are accessed when it becomes necessary
  • Enterprise Search integrated into the leading system
Deployment variants of intergator Enterprise Search in the Digital Workplace

source: Communardo Software GmbH

intergator as the connecting element of the Digital Workplace

Linking of all systems in the digital workplace with the central company-wide search of intergator Enterprise Search

intergator Enterprise Search can be the connecting element between all applications utilized in the enterprise as it facilitates:

  • an easy linking to all data sources of the enterprise via connectors (ca. 100 standard connectors) and convertors
  • a consideration of individual access rights within respective systems
  • ranking of search results according to their relevance based on facets and filters
  • a preview function which allows for a quick decision on the relevance of the content without having to access the respective file or system
  • a very fast and comprehensive delivery for search results independent of whether there are a few hundred or hundreds of thousands files due to its performance and scalability

Improve the performance of your Digital Workplace: Communardo Software GmbH as integration- and solution partner for intergator

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Through the cooperation of interface:projects and Communardo the realization of the digital, connected and mobile workplace is being pushed to new levels. With intergator Enterprise Search as part of its technology portfolio Communardo is now able to connect most varied Digital Workplace applications like Microsoft SharePoint and Atlassian Confluence with many other data sources. This eliminates multiple searches and each single employee saves time which in consequence is positive for the company’s productivity. Moreover, the avoidance of redundancies significantly enhances the quality of search results.

intergator provides us with the possibility to integrate an enterprise-wide search in a digital workplace and to link data from most different sources by means of connectors. Furthermore, the interactive dashboards allow for customized designs of digital workplace environments and thus for an an exact adaptation to the individual needs of companies and employees.”  (Dirk Röhrborn, Co-CEO of Communardo)

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