The importance of a corporate wide search

Key business information is always lost between millions of documents, emails, websites and files. Finding information becomes an increasing challenge for employees and customers alike as the search for certain information has to be performed in each system separately. This is where Enterprise Search comes in. Companies are surprised to discover the existing amount of knowledge and information once they have implemented a universal, cross-system search solution. Furthermore, they are pleased to see how easily this information can be accessed. The ability to efficiently use existing knowledge helps to accelerate business processes and forms the central basis for decision-making

intergator provides you with one single point of access to all data. With intergator Enterprise Search you obtain much more than only an intelligent cross-system search engine: it supports you in efficiently retrieving all relevant data, thus delivering the prerequisite for an effective knowledge management and information management within the enterprise.

intergator Enterprise Search made in Germany is:intergator knowledge management platform with social intranet

Enterprise search results are visualized on a user-friendly interface with further means to narrow down search results by metadata facets

  • Universal: one search tool for all information within the enterprise
  • Secure: access rights are maintained
  • High-performing: fast access via intelligent indexing
  • Social: collaborative bookmarking & tagging
  • Semantic: mapping of information processes (data mapping) and categories
  • Convenient: flexible hit lists incl. grouping records and drill down
  • Productive: one consolidated search within all relevant sources of information
  • Integrative:  all information at hand from the dashboard
  • Visual: previews and metadata depending on type of hit
  • Attractive price


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