Big Content and the role of Enterprise Search & Analytics

Data, content, information , knowledge – no matter how we define these terms , we have enough of it . The different data types are managed in a plethora of different systems .
Structured data in relational databases , documents in ECM systems , e-mails remain in the mail server or were outsourced in an archive and so on. All of these systems are well filled. Most of them with unstructured content. Therefore it is useful to define the term Big Content in contrast to Big Data.

The analysis and aggregation of more extensively, but widely homogeneous data (e.g., log files) requires another approaching than the aggregated access to heterogeneous content in a huge number of systems. Consequently Big Data solutions aim more in the direction of Business Intelligence (BI), while the penetration of Big Content is based primarily, on exploration and metadata-supported search.

Search & Analytics in Enterprise Information Management

EIM solutions are changing. Many suppliers express the enlarged market positioning of their solutions by new product names and product descriptions. Typical formulations are Content Analytics & Enterprise Search or Unified Information Access. On the other side users have recognized, that big information capacities are not controllable without an efficient search. Search solutions are asked stronger and stronger.

Because search is mostly more than a stringent looking up of a known fact, Enterprise Search solutions already own distinctive explorative functions. Therefore cross-applications reporting solutions and tools for supporting Informanace Governance are an obvious complementary function for an innovative search.

A modern, scalable Enterprise Search & Analytics solution make a valuable contribution in the following areas:

  • Increase the productivity of knowledge workers through fast and personalized access to all business process- relevant information
  • Process support by search based InfoApps,
  • Review of information management compliance through monitoring and reporting Apps
  • Enrichment of important information with metadata and cross linking with other information
  • Promoting cooperation through the sharing of research results

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