Enterprise Search & Records Management – synergies for the support of compliance requirements


It‘s easy to define compliance rules, but it‘s not that easy to effectively control their adherence. Automated audit measures are often combined with manual activities. The challenge is to integrate the data from every relevant system and to identifiy compliance transgression. intergator offers a central access to information across all data sources and data formats. Effective control becomes reality!

Compliance is gaining importance. According to this trend comprehensive compliance rules are being defined. However, their adherence has to be monitored and countermeasures have to be initiated when violations are identified. The following premises are connected to the control of suspicious transactions :

  • Effectiveness, in other words immediate and consistent identification and
  • Efficiency, in other words to minimize the allocation of resources.

The monitoring process is complicated by the need to retrieve all relevant information and the fulfillment of the premises named above. Data is often stored in several sources or formats and has to be collected and integrated manually. This reduces efficiency and enables mistakes.

Our Solution

Collection and combination of information out of different data sources and formats are a fundamental functionality of intergator. It allows users to access internal information quickly and easily and supports information delivery effectively.

Noncompliant actions or transactions can be identified by matching all indexed data with defined compliance rules. The result is prepared for the compliance officer and delivered by an information access cockpit. This ensures a comprehensive compliance monitoring.

intergator provides a significant contribution to an effective internal control system by identifying duplicate documents, suspicious transactions or noncompliant behaviour.

[box]With intergator we offer an efficient, secure and comfortable tool to ensure compliance with your internal control system.[/box]

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