Google Site Search alternative

intergator as Google Site Search Alternative

After the discontinuation of the Google Search Appliance and the Google Site Search at the end of 2017, many administrators are looking for a powerful and affordable alternative for internal data and documents or for websites. If you don’t want to rely on Google’s advertising-financed custom search engine or can’t do so for data protection reasons, you should consider intergator as an alternative search solution.

Affordable, ready-to-use and with extended functionality

In addition to the constantly growing amount of different data and information, an increased user requirement and sometimes increasingly complex structures, the search competence of the user is decreasing. Answers are expected quickly and correctly and intuitive guidance is required. As a tried and tested search, intergator offers numerous functions that efficiently integrate different data sources and efficiently narrow down relevant search hits via filters and facets. In contrast to the Google products, a comprehensive adaptation of the intergator to the individual search needs is possible at any time by means of a well documented API.

Google Site Search alternative
Google Site Search alternative

The intergator license model is based on data that evaluates as index objects and determines the license price. The payment is made once after installation and setup and is user independent.

intergator has over 100 free connectors and another 500 crawlers, which include a large number of typical systems and pages in the corporate environment in the search index. Individual connections can be realized either independently after a detailed developer training or via our project team.

Data protection and on-premise approach

intergator can be operated on a specially tailored system, on its own systems, on a virtual machine or in the cloud. The search is cluster-capable and can be distributed across locations via cluster management or operated split for larger amounts of data. Stricter data protection rules, which should leave personal data within Europe or sensitive information which may not leave the company, often force a self-sufficient – on-premise – approach. This is where intergator solutions stand out, as data does not flow off uncontrollably or are collected and remain in the system landscape instead.

intergator as website search

As a comprehensive website search for complex and sometimes branched portals, intergator also provides numerous functionalities for a better out-of-the-box search experience. Search hits can be ranked and the result list can be manipulated. Further information can be found under intergator as a comprehensive website search.