Enterprise Search integration in SAP

With TREX, SAP already offers a powerful search and classification solution that provides a classic search as well as the classification and text mining of large collections of documents. TREX processes document texts cross-lingually and in numerous languages, thus allowing searches within the SAP environment.

Even though the ERP system is the leading system in many companies, a lot of data is still outside the solution and can only rarely be integrated. On the one hand there is often a lack of interfaces and on the other hand companies often shy away from the necessary adjustments and investments. However, missing information is an obstacle for users who mainly work with ERP. Data and documents have to be searched for in third-party systems with great effort. Sometimes, due to reasons of time or knowledge, no research is carried out at all. The result is incomplete knowledge and, in the worst case, wrong decisions.

A more comprehensive search with intergator

In contrast to the SAP standard search, intergator also integrates data sources outside the ERP system and thus extends the functionality of the enterprise software with a more comprehensive information pool. More than 100 free connectors and more than 500 crawlers index file servers, databases, e-mails, websites or third-party programs and make the data available in a clear interface. Information does not have to be collected laboriously, but can be retrieved at a Single-Point-of-Information-Access. This shortens decision-making processes and makes them more accurate thanks to a more complete information picture.

intergator leaves SAP as the leading system and integrates seamlessly into the Business Suite. All indexing and provisioning of information takes place on-premise and on proprietary systems, which does not impair performance but even favors it.

SAP integration

Advantages of intergator

In addition to the comprehensive and company-wide provision of data, intergator offers further functions for faster information retrieval. Search hits can be narrowed down using filters and perspectives and quickly lead to the relevant result via configurable facets. Documents can be accessed via a Documentation Reader without having to download the original and install additional software. In addition, the search terms are already highlighted within the document to make them easier to find. This allows users to better assess the relevance of the hit.

Project-related data (e-mails, customer data, drawings, data sheets, etc.) can be compiled into a freely configurable cockpit with intergator and always automatically display the relevant information at a glance. Instead of frequently recurring and sometimes complex searches, users immediately receive a comprehensive overview. intergator thus combines elements of business intelligence with project work and merchandise management.