Enterprise Search with IBM Notes and Domino

IBM Notes (formerly Lotus Notes) is the second most common groupware in the corporate sector and, with 13%, covers a constantly growing market in which Microsoft, as well as the industry leader, is increasingly establishing smaller providers of solutions. Common to all products is the lack of a comprehensive search across different data systems within a heterogeneous structure. As a modern enterprise search, intergator closes this gap and thus increases efficiency in the daily work with data and information.

The limits of Notes and Domino

Unlike Microsoft SharePoint, IBM Notes takes a document-oriented approach with tight email integration for more active collaboration among individual users. If calendars, schedules or e-mails in the Microsoft world are handled via Outlook and team tasks are handled in SharePoint, Notes integrates all these functions in one solution by default and largely dispenses with additional programs. Documents are stored in the database and thus remain within the groupware structure.

However, the IT landscape in companies is rarely homogeneous and information often exists outside IBM Notes. Customer data is also stored in a CRM system or in a merchandise management system such as SAP or ProAlpha, drawings and product data are stored on a file server or another product database – in most cases, additional documents are scattered throughout the entire company. Although IBM Notes has a complex search function that finds information across several Domino servers, this is limited to IBM systems. Search results are always incomplete and very often lead to complaints at the user, one does not get all information and has to research laboriously further.

intergator – The more advanced search engine

intergator closes the gap between IBM Notes and the outside world by searching across all systems. Unlike Notes, intergator also indexes file servers, websites, databases or third-party systems. On a central web interface, search results from all connected systems can be quickly narrowed down and selected by filters and facets. Users can jump directly from intergator to the location of the search and quickly and efficiently find the information they are looking for. IBM Notes remains the leading collaboration tool, but is extended by intergator in the search. All content from Notes is integrated and linked into intergator via a connector plugin within the cyclic index process and thus remains in the original target system. Using an integrated Documentation Reader, documents can be retrieved in the Notes database without having to download the file in full size and can also be searched in the reader.