SharePoint integration with intergator

SharePoint is one of the most widely used collaboration solutions and is often used as an intranet solution. Companies that increasingly rely on Microsoft products appreciate the comprehensive and seamless use of other Microsoft Office or communication solutions. However, IT landscapes are rarely homogeneous and often grow into heterogeneous overall systems due to special requirements. Data is scattered and it is often difficult to integrate third-party programs into the Microsoft environment.

Although SharePoint has a powerful search function, it is difficult to extend it to external systems. Additional data sources outside the Microsoft world can only be integrated via third-party programs that are subject to a fee, so that a comprehensive search in the standard installation can only be realized at great expense.

The more comprehensive SharePoint search with intergator

intergator can replace the SharePoint standard search as an alternative search and more easily combine heterogeneous data structures in a more comprehensive search. No matter if file server, database system, website or ERP system – intergator indexes a multitude of data sources and displays these search results clearly. intergator standard functions such as facets and filters to limit the search hits or different perspectives and views on the results facilitate the targeted information retrieval from SharePoint. With more than 100 free connectors, different data sources can be integrated into the search and thus become searchable. SharePoint remains the leading system at all times and is only extended by a more comprehensive search.


Additional functionality with intergator in SharePoint

intergator offers extensive connection possibilities, numerous filters and a document preview, which works without additional plugins or software. More than 500 different file formats can be displayed without having to download the document. SharePoint offers here only a limited and paid solution, which is offered by third parties.

SharePoint limits its Filer-Server objects to be indexed (documents, e-mails, database entries, etc.) to approx. 10 million per server. intergator processes approx. 25 million index objects per server instance.