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INTERGATOR – The Comprehensive Company Search

INTERGATOR is a modern and comprehensive enterprise search that provides information from different data sources within an organization on a central platform. Data is often scattered across numerous systems, making it difficult to search for relevant input. Employees often develop their own files and shadow copies, which not only lead to duplicates and redundancies, but also complicate the search for valid data or the work of colleagues.

intergator Enterprise Search

INTERGATOR solves these problems by a uniform search at a central place, which becomes the entry point for all searches within an enterprise or an organization. Using connectors, INTERGATOR indexes metadata and text information and enriches them with additional information such as storage location, access rights or categories. The user does not have to worry about where the searched data could be or whether he needs a special authorization.

The single point of information access

No matter if databases, file servers, websites or complex systems like ERP or CRM systems – INTERGATOR collects information reliably and cyclically without copying or changing it. This information can be retrieved via a search, displayed and retrieved from the storage location. If required, the search can be extended by complex parameters and form calls, but is directed by default to familiar search behavior and thus makes it easier to start working with an enterprise search.

Perfectly informed with individual dashboards

In order to meet the individual information needs of each user, INTERGATOR offers the possibility to create modular dashboards. Each user can individually compile the data relevant for his work on his own start page. RSS feeds, e-mails, area information, appointments or graphical data (diagrams) can be placed on a page using drag and drop.

In addition, the INTERGATOR has the ability to create complex dashboards for special requirements. These can be tailored to specific topics and show all information at a glance. Fields of application are among others:

  • GDPR dashboard for finding personal data
  • project dashboard for a clear presentation of projects
  • on-boarding dashboard for new employees with all the information you need for optimal training

With facets faster to the result

In order to quickly limit the amount of search results to relevant hits, INTERGATOR uses metadata facets and perspectives (exclusive search in e-mails, contacts, departments, etc.). By default, INTERGATOR filters the hit list by date, file type, location or author. In addition, the stored API also enables other facets that are tailored to the respective company.


Functional Overview

INTERGATOR features numerous functions that make searches more efficient and faster:

  • social search (favorites, tagging)
  • saved search
  • filters and facets
  • categories for document types and categories
  • dynamic tag cloud
  • automatic keywording
  • auto-suggestion
  • synonymous search
  • radius search: search of documents within a radius of a geo-coordinate (GPS position, postcode, address)
  • index-based access filtering


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