website search

intergator as comprehensive website search

Complex websites with extensive databases or distributed web offers (micro-sites, web shops, etc.) rarely have a powerful or comprehensive website search. In most cases, the systems have their own searches limited to the environment, which often only work within the solution. Content that lies outside is often not taken into account.

intergator transfers the cross-platform Enterprise Search approach to the website search and thus enables the search at a central point across several systems.

One central search for all websites

By default, intergator has a large number of (mostly) free connectors for the most common Content Management Systems (CMS). Numerous customers use intergator as a comprehensive website search and integrate e.g. Typo3, WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint or Liferay into their search.

Aside from connectors, information can also be transferred by complex web crawlers into the intergator for indexing. The intergator reads the machine-readable source code of a page and extracts relevant content for the search index based on predefined parameters. The information retrieval does not work via the system itself, but via publicly readable pages. For the intergator it is irrelevant whether pages are protected by a login and a password. Corresponding accesses can be given to the crawler and thus ensure a more comprehensive information stock.

The search can be anchored centrally in one place and established as a central entry point for all search queries. Search forms refer from all pages to the intergator search independent of the entry point.


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