compliance monitoring

intergator as a comprehensive compliance solution

Companies and organizations often operate within a legal framework that is defined by universal laws or self-developed rules. In this way, actions and decisions receive security and prevent unpleasant surprises in the aftermath. In order to act in accordance with compliance, it is necessary to have a comprehensive view in order to be able to evaluate as many aspects as possible.

The 360° data view

As an Enterprise Search, intergator offers an all-round view of all internal and external data and documents and thus provides a more efficient basis for decision-making than searches that are limited to excerpts. The central element of the intergator is a company-wide search at a central entry point. Via (mostly) free connectors different systems can be connected, indexed and evaluated. No matter if complex database systems, structured or unstructured file repositories, websites, e-mails or solutions for collaboration – intergator accesses data in a read-only way and prepares it for output at a Single-Point-Of-Information-Access. Users can search quickly and efficiently and get a comprehensive overview of all data on a topic.

Intelligent compliance

In combination with artificial intelligence, especially methods of machine learning and cognitive search, intergator enables a compliance check that goes far beyond a normal search in data and documents.

Larger companies or organisations with complex company networks sometimes lose the overview of structures and the actors acting within them. Particularly with regard to transparency requirements or anti-corruption requirements, complex structures offer larger areas for concealment. Machine learning can be an effective lever for uncovering hidden structures.

Autonomous and automated monitoring

Machine Learning allows the independent processing of data on the basis of a pre-trained model. During the training phase, the computer “learns” to evaluate documents and data. From this he develops a resilient model and from a certain phase on can process information independently and autonomously and trigger subsequent processes.

In the area of compliance audits, suspicious actions or incidents within the available database can be detected and reported to the responsible compliance officer. The system automatically compares millions of data records and evaluates them. Based on predefined rules, deviations and suspicious actions can be filtered out.


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