Semantic Enterprise Search Solution

Today’s customers want to use powerful search engines for their huge and increasing content repositories.

Full-text-only products with simple result lists are not enough to satisfy this community.

Different content sources require different analyzing and indexing strategies and a content-specific result presentation. There is a lot of research in the field of the application of semantic web technologies for information retrieval.

A wide range of useful standard vocabularies and powerful frameworks has been developed that can be used to gather, transform and store metadata. However, in practice we see a gap between state-of-the-art information retrieval and customer needs with a defined price-performance relation.

It is quite a challenge to index a large file server with heterogeneous content annotated with metadata from different vocabularies to provide an ontology-based navigation, to produce semantic annotated search results, to use faceted browsers as powerful filtering mechanism and do that with an out-of-the-box solution, which is stable, has a good performance and provides a simple way to configure it.

With this viewpoint we present our product.

Our Product

intergator is a smart, agile and savvy system acting as a knowledge management platform. Users access their favourite or most useful flow of information inside their organization at their fingertips. The intergator dashboard is more than simply a universal search tool. It leverages your capabilities to monitor your company processes or responsiveness, i.e. for customer service purposes.

Why intergator?

intergator does not deliver a basic full text search listing thousands of hits. intergator brings a friendly, social and extremely efficient tool to your desktop and allows you to navigate in the results, to limit or extend these upon your needs. intergator does even more! From an intelligent keyword search, intergator expands this query and provides powerful and satisfying algorithms, interrelations and social media monitoring solutions.