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Bitburger Braugruppe GmbH

”The enterprise-wide and browser-based search is simple and effective. It has ended the tedious browsing of drives, folders, files and emails by simultaneously searching within all these options – to which the respective user has access rights – in only one search,” says Thomas Hoffmann (Head of IT and Project Manager/ Bitburger Brewery Group).

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Eucon GmbH

“We have been studying the European market of enterprise search and information management deeply. It was important to us, that automatic keyword extraction allows to consider individual tags in search facets. Furthermore, for reasons of data security, it is important to us to store in-house only our customers’ information which is confidential in great parts. With their product intergator, interface:projects met our expectations concerning the afore mentioned challenges and many other points as well as financial aspects.We have been successfully using intergator for one year now and our employees like it,” says Ruth Zeddies, who is responsible for the research center.

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IMD Laboratory Berlin-Potsdam

“Information, including medical data, has become indispensable nowadays. intergator is an efficient instrument for obtaining this information. It has become a daily tool.”

Jürgen Reiner | Managing Director

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Jaeger Ausbau

“Already today the search has turned out for us as a profitable aid while finding relevant commercial information. In future the e-mail archive as well as other data sources should will indexed,” says Guido Hoffmann, CEO Jaeger Group Bernburg.

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Kühne + Nagel (AG & Co.) KG

”We have been using the intergator Search Appliance within global eCollaboration-solutions in business-critical areas of Kuehne + Nagel. intergator has successfully competed  in a Proof of Concept and we have been very happy not only with the product, quality and response time of the technical support, but also with the personal contact. We look forward to using the intergator Enterprise Search for future global internet solutions of Kuehne + Nagel,” says Alwin Loesche – Project Manager Internet/ Intranet Solutions.

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Management Angels

“All together we are very satisfied with this solution. The team of Management Angels could accept the new search tool very easily and it is the basis for our daily work. The investment has been worthwhile”, says Tilo Ferrari, CEO of the Management Angels.

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Notariat Michael Becker

“In contrast to a simple full text search  intergator does not leave us alone with thousand of results but provides us with elegant and very efficient possibilities to navigate through results, and to limit or extend them as necessary.”

Michael Becker | Notary

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Provinzial NordWest Konzern

“The functional range offered by intergator is seen as a significant progress  and is much better than the anticipated ‘Google Search’. There is much more functionality offered by intergator. “

Markus Bradtke | Project Manager Information Portal


Reifenhäuser Group

“Due to the quick and easy integration of intergator it became the users‘ most popular tool. Furthermore it has significantly enhanced the sensitivity when storing confidential documents.“

Ralf Krüger | Head of IT

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Sparkassen Versicherung Sachsen

“The FixFinder enables our in-house employees to access information from different source systems quickly and efficiently.”

Detlev Eichhorn | IT Project Manager | Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen

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“intergator Enterprise Search supports our staff by quickly retrieving information from different sources, thus enabling them to provide answers to varied customer enquiries to their full satisfaction.“

Markus Schillert | STRATO AG


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Syncwork AG

“For this purpose, inter:gator has enforced itself in an internal competition, compared to other search solutions,“ says Daniel Mirtschink, Management Consultant at the Syncwork AG. Our daily consulting business causes a lot of documents (offers, concepts, analyses etc.) – valuable resources also for colleagues in other projects. With inter:gator we now have a very useful >>finding-and making-transparent-tool<<, which actively informs about news from a knowledge domain (push principle) as well supports during research activities (pull principle).

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T-Systems Multimedia Solutions GmbH

“We use intergator as a search engine and in form of a personal dashboard on the Intranet. Both are daily aids in our Social Intranet environment, which consists of various Wikis, SharePoints and Content Management Systems. The product succesfully passed a Proof of Concept in 2008. Since then the service provider interface:projects has proven itself as reliable and service-oriented partner. Our above average IT savvy employees praise the intuitive usability despite the high functional extent. Our management is pleased with the simplified collaboration and re-use of the internal knowledge. I am certain that intergator is an essential building block of our success,” says Marcel Hofmann, Chief Search Officer of the T-Systems MMS.


Thüringer Behälterglas GmbH

“Time and resources that we no longer have to put in the consuming search of business information, we can instead invest in product development and in an even better customer service,” says Hartmut Walter, CEO of the Thüringer Behälterglas GmbH.

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“To us intergator Enterprise Search is the ideal solution to reduce redundant and time-consuming searches to a minimum and to quickly and comprehensively provide our experts with required knowledge,” says Albrecht Mayer, Project Manager at TÜV SÜD.

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Union Investment

“Thanks to intergator clients and prospects can quickly and easily find information and documents on our website.“

Manuela Kreiter | Digital Distribution Channels/ Online-Marketing and Information Portals

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Viessmann Werke GmbH & Co. KG

„ The intergator Trusted Search Appliance is the ideal solution for us to make particularly sensitive data available to the appropriate employees and managers in a secure and low-risk manner. The intergator search solution is based on existing security concepts, so that the given access rights and roles are not violated or even circumvented.“

Bernd Koller | Head of Technology & Groupware


Vinnolit GmbH & Co. KG

“With intergator we have implemented a system, which has inspired both IT staff and users equally.“

Christoph Heinze | Head of IT

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“For a leading worldwide provider of electron beam and plasma technologies, the consolidation of all relevant sources of information for development, sales, installation and service is an essential and complex process. Thanks to intergator, we are able to monitor more than 5 million documents.”

Karl Bader | Process Manager


Weber Maschinenbau GmbH

„Rarely has a software introduction received so much positive feedback. The high value and ease of use have made intergator a popular tool for employees and management alike.“

Thomas Runzheimer | Project Manager

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Albtaler-Verkehrs-Gesellschaft Deutsche Postbank AG forcont business technology gmbh FSD – CENTRAL AGENCY FOR PTI GNS Gesellschaft für Nuklear-Service mbH GROB GROUP InfraLeuna GmbH Karlsruher Verkehrsverbund Krombacher Brauerei Landesbetrieb IT.Niedersachsen LUKOIL Oil Company Notar Dr. Joachim Püls Reifenhäuser Cast Sheet Coating GmbH & Co. KG Reifenhäuser Reicofil Reiloy Metall Reimotec Software AG TRUMPF Laser GmbH Verkehrsbetriebe Karlsruhe Voith XClinical GmbH

Authorities & Government

Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community

“interface projects has not only convinced us with its high-performance search engine, but also by its ability to solve most difficult tasks such as the integration of a proprietary document management system onto a database,“ says Marcus Klein, IT administrator an Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Community.


Landeshauptstadt Dresden

“Our users especially appreciate the Documentation Reader which is  provided by the intergator search solution. It has a hit-location marker, which marks search hits in the preview document. They have equally been impressed by the clear presentation of information related to a search term (e.g. path details, authors, copy rights, links).”

Tina Grams | Business Unit General Administration | EB IT services

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Landeshauptstadt Erfurt

“In March 2013 we relaunched the website into which the new intergator version was applied for the website search. We have been really pleased with the performance of intergator which is why we are also going to employ intergator to our Intranet. Furthermore, we are planning to apply intergator to our currently developing portals for a cross-portal search.”

Rüdiger Stippa | Chief Editor of


Landtag von Baden-Württemberg

“With intergator, we have found a powerful, highly functional and cross-system search engine. Our requirements for the efficient provision of publicly accessible data have been met.”

Ralph Geisser | Head of Division Information- and Communications Technology

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Abgeordnetenhaus Berlin Der Sächsische Datenschutzbeauftragte Drewag ESF European Social Fund Thuringia Free State of Thuringia German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) Kassenärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Sachsen KGST Landeskriminalamt Niedersachsen LEG Thüringen Marinekommando of the Bundeswehr Notarkammer Sachsen Sächsischer Landtag Stadt Leipzig Städtische Bibliotheken Dresden Stadtverwaltung Chemnitz Thüringer Landtag

Research and Education

Fraunhofer IIS

”For us, the Enterprise Search engine intergator has become an indispensable tool to quickly and easily access the internal information of our Institute. Furthermore, the intergator Dashboard and the intergator Documentation Reader provide us with extremly efficient ways to support the access of information in our daily business processes.”

Richard Meyer | Employee of the department Heterogenic Systemes

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Fraunhofer IKTS

„The creativity of our researchers is reflected in part in the produced flood of data. With intergator we now use a solution that allows for individual filing structures and conveniently ensures the discoverability of information across multiple file servers and sources in intra- and internet. intergator is well accepted because of its user friendliness. That’s why research facilities should have a look at intergator!”

Jürgen Pabst | IT-Manager of the Fraunhofer IKTS.

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Hochschule Zittau/ Görlitz University of Applied Sciences

“Scientific work also builds on the basis of existing results and information. Thanks to intergator I am able find these quickly and reliably. ”

Prof. Dr. techn. Stefan Kornhuber, MBA | Faculty of EE and Computer Science

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Fraunhofer IFAM Fraunhofer IFF Fraunhofer IZM HTW Otto von Guericke University of Magdeburg