Benefits of the intergator Appliance

The intergator Appliance is an optimal solution for customers which want to ensure a maximum in performance at a minimum in integration overhead. By implementing an appliance it is ensured that all data remain within the enterprise. Being available in three different variants, areas of application span from website search to Intranet search for smaller and medium-sized companies to Enterprise Search, Content Analytics and Knowledge Management solutions. In addition, the intergator Trusted Search Appliance is the ideal solution for enterprises needing a very high degree of data security. Regardless of type of appliance, they all come with more than 100 in-house connectors which are delivered out-of-the-box and build the link to the company’s applications.

In all, the intergator Appliance provides the following advantages:

  • Optimal system configuration for a powerful and efficient search solution
  • One-stop support for the overall solution (software and hardware) from the manufacturer
  • Fast integration into the existing IT infrastructure
  • Reliability and high availability
 intergator mini (IGA-MINI)intergator Appliance (IGA)intergator Trusted Search Appliance (ITSA)
Focus- Website Search
- Intranet Search (for SMB)
- Social Intranet
- Index Replication in Enterprise Search Cluster
- Enterprise Search
- Social Intranet
- Content Analytics
- Knowledge Management
- Search for documents with a higher confidentiality level
- Information Management Compliance
Index objectsup to 300.000up to 50.000.000up to 10.000.000
Hardware Form Factor18 x 17,5 cm1 Unit-Rack System1 Unit-Rack System
Content from 3rd Party Feedsunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Connectorsover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd party connectorsover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd party connectorsover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd party connectors
Supportguaranteed by manufacturerguaranteed by manufacturerguaranteed by manufacturer


[box]intergator Overview: Download datasheet [1 MB]
Delivery variants of the intergator Appliance:  Download datasheet [519 kB]
Comparison of intergator Appliances and Google Search Appliance (GSA): Download datasheet [407 kB][/box]

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