Find the experts in your company: the intergator Expert Finder

Power users leave tracks in the Social Intranet which they identify as a potential expert on a subject. Based on this effect an Expert-Finder’s App can be integrated organically in the Social Intranet.

Therefore the Expert Finder is a natural enlargement of the employee’s search in the Intranet, which would not be possible without the evolution of the intranet to the Social Intranet. The Social Intranet is a virtual meeting place for information-searching and experts in the enterprise.


Find with the intergator Expert Finder building up on deposited skills or subjects, the most specified employees in your organization!


  • Increased Efficiency
    All business-related employee information can be found in one system.
  • Increased Agility
    Quick discovering of expertises.
  • Low Complexity
    Free Skill naming, guided by proposals from given or already used concepts.
  • Increase in quality
    Raised transparency, self-responsibility and with it higher quality.
  • Self-Declaration
    Data protection & responsibility about the data quality lies with the employees.
  • Avoidance of redundancy
    By integrating employee / phone directory and skill profiles. [/box]

[box]intergator solutions at a glance:
Download datasheet [1 MB][/box]