intergator Enterprise Search

enterprise search

intergator is a modern and comprehensive enterprise search that provides information from different data sources within an organization on a central platform. Data is often scattered across numerous systems, making it difficult to search for relevant input. Employees often develop their own files and shadow copies, which not only lead to duplicates and redundancies, but also complicate the search for valid data or the work of colleagues. [read more]

intergator Cognitive Search

intergator Cognitive Search

The intergator Cognitive Search is a new approach to combine the classic and exact company search with the conceptual search. Depending on the type of search, intergator offers the possibility to find data from a variety of sources. Content is stored in an index as well as autonomously assigned to a trained machine learning model. The user has the possibility to search in both “worlds” and to get the optimal results quickly. [read more]

intergator Cognitive Services

The intergator Cognitive Services were developed by us to connect machine and deep learning mechanisms with third-party systems. You can either train the systems with your data or we can help you with pre-trained models to get a new view on your data. [read more]