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In order to be able to offer you a targeted solution, we need an overview of the application scenario and the environment used. Please fill out the forms in the following three steps. We will then get in touch with you and submit a non-binding offer.


How would you like to use the intergator? (multiple answers possible)

Enterprise SearchWeb SearchSocial IntranetKnowledge ManagementDigital WorkplaceMachine Learning

Data sources to be included

Which data sources should be integrated into intergator?

Web systems


Business software (ERP/ CRM)

SAPSalesforceMicrosoft DynamicsvTigersugarCRMother

File repositories

File serverCloudother

Collaboration solutions


File types

Microsoft OfficeOffice 365Lotus NotesBilddateienother

Project scope and technical parameters


How should intergator be integrated into your infrastructure?

on-premiseon own hardwareon hardware provided by usin the cloud

How is the primary registration/user management carried out?

Active DirectoryMulti-Domain ADSingle-Domain AD

intergator has a quantity-based license model and is based on the amount of data to be indexed. Please let us know the approximate number of data to be processed.

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