I.T. Solutions Summit 27th July 2017 | intergator MEA

Lebanon/ Tripoli – I.T. Solutions Summit 2017 | intergator MEA


IT Summit Lebanon 27th July 2017

Transforming Lebanon into a Digital Nation

For the first time the intergator MEA team will attending the upcoming IT Summit in Tripoli/ Lebabon on 27th July 2017. Our sales and solution partner, ACIS IT from Dubai, will showcase our intelligent cross-system search engine, knowledge management and analytics platform intergator.

[box title= “The technical team of intergator MEA will represent and demonstrate the below:”]

10:00 AM – 11:00 AM | intergator Search Engine speaking on Smart Data and Intelligent Search

Key issues:

  • Enterprise Search next generation and smart data
  • Single point of systems’ and data integration, access and display
  • intergator for:
    • Easy, secure and intelligent inside delivery
    • Big Data management and Analytics
    • Data and information security and compliance
    • Customer experience and business efficiencies[/box]

The title of the conference, organized by Netwatch is “Global Solution In Your Hand”.  Netwatch is an ICT Solutions Provider & System Integrator based in Tripoli – North Lebanon and offering SMB & Enterprise Information Technology Solutions. Netwatch is specialized in Infrastructure, Virtualization, Data & System Integration, IT Automation, Business Applications, Networking and others.

Location: Chamber of Commerce, Tripoli/ Lebanon

Duration: 1 Day

Registration: http://www.netwatchlb.com/event/

For more information on the management team of intergator MEA and intergator as solution for a smart universal search, knowledge management, Social Intranet and compliance please take a look at http://www.intergator-mea.com/ .