Why intergator is often mixed-up with integrator

integrator instead of intergator

Very often clients or business partners are curious and ask us about the story behind the name of our smart Enterprise Search and information management solution intergator. Chances are particularly high to confuse the name with integrator. Where does the name intergator come from? Questioning the inventors of intergator we have found out this story:

intergator is a product of the interface projects GmbH. For the naming it was important to have the company reflected in the branding. Thus, the inter of interface projects GmbH was taken on to link product and company. The second part of the name, gator, stems from integration and stands for intergator being an integration technology. However, the inventors of the intelligent Enterprise search solution were keen to have a unique name for their unique solution. Thus, they made the decision for intergator, rather than the more logical integrator. In the course of time, however, we have had to learn that because of this derivation the writing and calling of intergator is often confused with integrator. This is due not least to automatic spelling corrections.

Many may not know that until the end of 2015 intergator was spelled with a colon in the middle, separating inter from gator for inter:gator. Former publications and marketing brochures still contain this spelling. However, it took not long to change inter:gator into intergator, because its findability in the internet was considerably more difficult due to the name break caused by the colon. Not only had the name changed at that time, but also the logo. We have held on to the colon, though: instead of splitting the brand name, it now concludes it. A new choice of colors has completed the current design.

Logo intergator

Comparing the former and the current logo, the differences become quite obvious. In our opinion the current version does not only look much better, but it is also much easier to read.

integrator and other typos

With the help of some smart tools we can see how often the brand name of our product is being misspelled. Apart from integrator users often also search for intergatot. And these are only two of many examples. Although hard to believe, there are actually 62 mistypes which can be generated for intergator!

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Source: http://www.trend-coding.com/online-tools/keyword-vertipper-tool.html?keyword=intergator

These small typos are currently most often creeping up in the search for the intergator Search Days. Especially now that the event is about to take place again, users often search for the integrator search days or the intergatot search days. The 2-day conference which will take place in Dresden mid September is the perfect opportunity to learn more about intergator as integration technology of interface projects. Too bad if you miss your chance for registration due to a typo, right?!

intergator Search Days 2017