Enterprise search for small businesses/ intergator mini vs Google mini

A lot of companies are now facing the challenge of replacing the Google Mini, because this product isn’t supported anymore. intergator offers a feature for feature match against the Google Mini and replacement without downtime and with small investment.

Before I go more deeply into a comparison between intergator mini und google mini let me bring some light into enterprise search first.

Enterprise Search is a part of information management.

Enterprise search for small businesses/ intergator mini vs Google mini

Enterprise search for small businesses/ intergator mini vs Google mini

To enhance the information management lifecycle you need enterprise search, that’s not only a privilege for big enterprises and organizations, but also available and possible for small businesses. They face the same technical problems as the big ones.

The trend in information management is to provide a platform for the users which allows them to access internal information within an organization quickly and easily and effectively supports information delivery.

  • Efficient information retrieval and added-value services.
  • No waste of time with long searches and ineffective work.
  • All the information for decision-making at hand.

Enterprise search is a system-wide content delivery and information access platform.

It is always difficult to compare two products, because each has its strengths and weaknesses. But let me try to do it:


intergator miniGoogle Mini
Manufacturerinterface projects GmbH (German vendor)Google (every one knows it)
  • Website Search
  • Intranet Search for SMB
  • Social Intranet with intergator social Dashboard
  • Index replication in Enterprise search cluster
Website search
OutputSimple JSONComplex XML/XSLT
Content from RBDSYes, unlimitedThe Google Mini – Search Results from a DBS with Google OneBox Enterprise
Content from 3rd party feedsunlimitedno
Hardware Form Factor            A little bigger than a pen1 U Rack Mount
Content from file serverYesNo
Index objectsUp to 300,000Up to 300,000
Data Connectorsover 100 standard connectors, no 3rd Party connectors3rd Party connecters
SupportActiveOut of support

In all, intergator Appliances (IGA, iTSA and now the new mini) provide the following advantages:

  • Optimal system configuration for an efficient search solution
  • The user receives consultation, direct sale and support out of one hand, directly from the manufacturer.
  • Simple integration into the existing IT-infrastructure
  • up to 300.000 index objects

IGA= intergator Search Appliances (up to 50Million index objects in one Box)

iTSA= intergator Trusted Search Appliance

mini=I’m”intergatorMiNi”,Size=small,Height=short,Power=300K index Objects in Seconds + full K.M capabilities  (https://twitter.com/azarNab/status/612177748216385536 )

To get more information about our Google Appliances Replacement Program just drop us a mail on sales@intergator.de or contact any partner of us!