A search-based information hub as intelligent assistant for daily business

How to maintain an overview on internal and external business affairs

There is hardly anything more embarrassing than the client telling you what is going on in the market. This holds true for anyone, whether working in a call center with constant client interaction, or like me working in the marketing department and having to know most recent trends and news on topics like AI, KM, Enterprise Search and Insight Engines. Wouldn’t you wish for an intelligent assistant to provide you with what you need to know at an eye’s blink?!

Considering the multitude of online channels it seems like a nearly impossible task to monitor the markets around the clock and stay tuned on latest publications from national and international competitors apart from all the other daily requirements. Furthermore, due to the ever increasing amount of digital data, the likelihood of overlooking important information grows exponentially. Luckily, I work in a company the core business of which is search – Enterprise Search. Thus, I have been given the means to have my own customized and needs-tailored information cockpit to support my daily operations. I have my intelligent assistant!

My tailored bulletin board: The intergator Social Dashboard

Built upon search-based applications, the browser-based intergator Social Dashboard functions as my personal bulletin board. By means of preconfigured apps which I conveniently select from our App store I can place all relevant information for day-to-day operations on one site, freely arranging it according to my liking.  Thus, when opening my dashboard I see at a glance my upcoming appointments, my most recent emails, my saved searches, my bookmarks, company news, important internal links and, for my personal interest, the local weather and daily menus of lunch places in the vicinity. This means, depending on the content which is placed on the dashboard it can easily take the role of an intranet, with important news on company, product and project-specific topics. For me, it is very convenient and time-saving, because I do not have to open and check for all aforementioned details in respective applications, but can jump into them from my dashboard  if need be. Moreover, any day and at any time I am comfortably presented with the most current information on my dashboard.

Taking this one step further and thinking larger, project teams, departments, business functions and companies can build their tailored dashboards based on their information needs. Moreover, a huge benefit is the possibility to share these topic- and content-specific pages with others who work on the same project, for example, for building up expertise and knowing what other project members have been working on since the last meeting. The ability to share sites and to endow others with rights for commenting and adding content adds the social aspect to the dashboard solution.

Brand mentions, market monitoring & competitor watch: knowing what the competition is up to

I’ve extended my Social Dashboard by a competitor monitoring page. Again, built upon preconfigured InfoApps this site contains RSS feeds I want to follow, tweets on particular hash tags, google alerts on important keywords and bookmarked links of key industry players. The great benefits for me is to have all this push information in one place rather than having to go to each website or social media channel separately to see if there is any new content. Moreover, I am automatically alerted on new information and can see at a glance what the market and industry are talking about. Thus, rather than having to juggle between different websites and remembering to do so when time permits it I can see everything conveniently in one page. This is extremely effective and time-saving and helps me to better perform my job as I am always alerted to what is happening in my sector. Which leads me back to the call center example from the beginning. Imagine you are selling tour packages to Mauritius and from one moment to the next one of your competitors starts a marketing campaign by halving the prices for a tour package. If you want to stay ahead of the game your call center staff needs not only to be aware of the price cutting, but to also have the reasoning for why it is still the better deal to book with you.  Which closes the cycle for why a social intranet built on search-based apps can be an ideal digital assistant and should be a must-have for any success-driven business: to make knowledge and most current  information available and to share it effectively within the enterprise.


When you think about implementing a social intranet you should consider a solution like intergator, the core of which is the cross-system corporate-wide search (i.e. Enterprise Search).  Thus, you are given the means to build customizable and needs-based information cockpits which can be your social intranet without editorial efforts for maintaining accuracy of the information. You want to see what I am talking about?! Ask for access to our demo and try for yourself!