intergator Documentation Reader- a clear ROI?

Many people know the problem – important Information are wanted – but they hide out behind long documents. But the research in extensive documents is a very complex process.

Fact is: The user wants to find information and relevant text passages and not a document as a whole.

Represents intergator Documentation Reader an adequate solution for this special challenge? Which performance offers the Documentation Reader?

 The location of determined text passages will be facilitated and relevant information will be linked file across. This all takes place, without downloading the document. It`s usable without Plug-In installation and runs on every conventional browsers, without extensions like Flash, Active X or Java. The magic word is JavaScript and lots of HTML-Magic.

For readers in a hurry:

 Ca. 1000 employee’s clicks 800 times on 400 search requests and save with intergator Documentation Reader overall 1056 hours a year. For an average hourly wage of 21 Euro per hour one can save up to 22.176,00 Euro.

So, is the use of intergator Documentation Reader efficient?  Are such huge savings possible and realistic?

Fact 1:

Searched Documents don`t have to be downloaded, locally opened and searched again. Without doubt, this is a huge advantage for the employees of the enterprise and generates a considerable time saving.

Fact 2:

A trend of the future is an increasing share of mobile users, e.g. homeworker or field staff. These employees have more limited access to in- house files and a restricted bandwidth. Such target groups have extreme benefits with the use of intergator Documentation Reader.

Fact 3:

A great number of formats are supported, like PDF- or Office Documents, so the format of the document is unimportant.

Simple ROI- calculation:

The proof is the practical application of the intergator Documentation Reader in a technical IT- Enterprise in Dresden.

intergator:Analytics has shown, that 1000 employees, search in average 400 documents a day with two clicks on each document.

With intergator Documentation Reader one can safe 10 sec. time for searching and other 10 seconds loading time.  A total of 20 seconds will be saved per document.  Considering to our customers, one can save up to 16000 seconds, converted 4.4 hours. One can save in one month 88 hours that are 1056 hours in a year.  I assume from an average annual salary of an engineer40.000 Euro, that are 21 Euro per hour. After a Year one can safe unbelievable 22.176 Euro with the use of intergator Documentation Reader.