The intergator alternative for Google Site Search GSS

Google’s website search is coming to an end – and now?

Google’s announcement of the termination of its Search Appliance is now followed by the end of Google Site Search. The product ceases to be sold as of 1 April 2017. One year later it will no longer be available. Users of Google’s website search therefore do not have much time to look for alternatives. Should you not want to turn to Google’s ad-financed Custom Search Engine, then take some strategic considerations into account when looking for an alternative website search.

Why do we recommend intergator for your web search?!

Many customers already rely on intergator for their web search. Let’s take a look at advantages, applications and project examples of how intergator can be of added value:

  • intergator is completely integrated into the design of the respective website. Thus, due to the neutral representation it is not visible to users that intergator is running in the background. The user therefore moves completely in the company’s corporate design.
  • Search results are neutrally displayed within the website and do not require an additional pop-up window or similar technologies.
  • intergator enables the integration of internal and external data sources. This is made possible by in-house developed standard connectors for more than 100 applications. For example, on the website of the House of Representatives BERLIN, intergator provides a consolidated search on the website itself, in the connected and very extensive parliamentary documentation (CuadraSTAR) and in the Lotus Notes databases of the individual committees. Numerous facets are available for user-friendly navigation and filtering of search results.
  • Performance, flexibility and scalability are key strategic factors. Thus, for the relaunch of the internet portal of Union Investment the provision of a powerful search, linked to diverse data sources – CMS, various databases, etc. – was of key importance. With an intergator search server the high demand for usability, fund search, download search, service search for private customers and partners as well as enterprise-wide search for employees in the institutional intranet could be satisfied. Moreover, by using an intergator appliance high performance values are guaranteed (up to 15,000 simultaneous search queries possible).
  • With intergator, filters can either be dynamically generated or set via facets. At the State Capital of Dresden intergator has initially been implemented as a central, inter-organizational and system-wide search solution. Impressed with functionality and semantic performance of the search as well as the user-friendly search result presentation and numerous filter and faceting options the search has eventually been extended to the website
  • With the semantic search of intergator a web search is used on the internet portal of the State Parliament of Baden-Württemberg, which by means of its powerful search functions fully meets the State Parliament’s complex requirements for categorization, relevance and ranking. Here too, in addition to the search via the website, the Jahia content management system needed to be integrated into the website to provide important documentation for Baden-Wuerttemberg’s citizens. Furthermore, the search fulfills the requirements for responsive web design.

web search with intergator for GSS Google Site Search replacement


When thinking about a replacement for Google Site Search, portal operators and enterprises should not limit themselves to a solution for web site search only. In the context of digitization and the immense increase in data it may make sense to debate the issue on a larger scale and with a focus across the entire enterprise. In addition to the functionality provided by Google Site Search, intergator as a cross-platform search, knowledge management and content analytics solution provides companies with a means to quickly and efficiently retrieve relevant information and knowledge for business processes from growing data volumes. This will boost employee productivity and customer satisfaction at the same time. intergator has a straight-forward price model and fixed license costs, regardless of the quantity of search queries. The intergator mini appliance is especially suited for websites and intranet search for smaller companies (up to 300.000 index objects).