interface projects GmbH is the new partner of edoc solutions ag

„If you would know, where it is, what you were looking for, you wouldn’t look for it.“
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated that a search for the knowing unnecessary is. This credo is also an essential component regarding the topic Enterprise Content Management (ECM). For not only the systematic archiving and managing documents are important, but also the search and the quick finding.

This approach focuses on edoc solutions ag (edoc) already for many years, with the implementation of complex and holistic ECM projects based on the solution of the d.velop platform d.3ecm.Taking into account a holistic ECM approach has clearly demonstrated that a powerful and simple search platform has become indispensable.

These potentials make edoc through a new partnership with the interface projects GmbH from Dresden for its customers fully usable.

intergator, the powerful search solution of the interface projects GmbH, in this case supplemented seamlessly the ECM portfolio of edoc, allowing both a comfortable search across all divisions. Regardless of whether it is content of databases, emails, file servers, archives or DMS/ECM systems.

intergator takes into account the existing access rights and in a very short time delivers desired results. The base of intergator is a modular solution concept for the index based access to information. The connection of intergator to existing information systems by means of connectors, are obtained with the help of full-text information and document properties.

The interface:projects with their own product intergator is one of Germany’s leading enterprise search vendors and has in this context, many years of experience in the implementation of customized software projects.

edoc solutions ag

“The topic enterprise search to knowledge management is at the same time an obvious and ideal expansion for edoc’s portfolio. We are extremely pleased to have found a great partner with the interface projects GmbH, who not only has many years of expertise and an excellent product, but also is in a dominant position on the German market. The partnership with interface:projects and the application of intergator has not only had us, but also our customers excited. The cooperation with interface:projects enables us and our customers in an exciting and increasingly meet a demand environment of enterprise search solutions, to provide comprehensive and professional solutions.” – says Manfred Wollersheim, COO of edoc solutions ag.


Eduard Daoud, head of sales of the interface projects GmbH is convinced “With edoc solutions ag we have found a competent partner to establish our system wide search engine intergator in the market segments of digital archiving, DMS, workflow and holistic Enterprise Content Management (ECM) even wider and to be the ever-growing demands one step ahead of efficient information management. This partnership allows us to offer our customers a uniform access to all information assets of a company and combine the strengths of both providers in the field of knowledge management efficiently. We look forward to a successful collaboration.”