GSA – Google Search Appliance replacement strategy

intergator Search Appliances

intergator Search Appliances

The impending need for a Google Search Appliance replacement strategy

A lot of companies are now facing the challenge to find an alternative to the Google Search Appliance GSA , because this product will not be supported much longer (Source:

intergator offers a feature for feature match against the GSA and a replacement strategy without downtime and with small investment.

To get more information on our Google Appliance replacement program see here and drop us an email on or contact any partner of us!


For a full feature comparison of intergator Appliances and Google Search Appliance (GSA) click here.



All in all, the intergator Appliances (IGA, iTSA and now the new mini) provide the following advantages:

  • Optimal system configuration for an efficient search solution
  • The user receives consultation, direct sale and support out of one hand, directly from the manufacturer.
  • Simple integration into the existing IT-infrastructure
  • up to 50.000.000 index objects in one box.

[highlight]Google customers are offered a 50% discount on standard prices when switching to the intergator Search Appliance by 30.09.2017. Inquire now.[/highlight]