Kamu-BIB Antalya | Turkey | 19 – 22 May 2016

Event Details

intergator Enterprise Search at Kamu-BIB | Turkey

6a Bilişim to present intergator as a big data solution

Kamu-BIB, the platform to unite IT managers of public and private sectors since 1999, is held for the 18th time this year with a focus on the main theme of “2023 and Beyond: Smart Production, Productive Government”. The event will give wide coverage to value added, public projects which are prominent with their effect on Turkey’s Transformation to Information Society. Invited speakers will have talks on Digital Agenda of Turkey at the panel sessions and four working groups contained in TBD Kamu-BİB will present their reports.

interface projects’ Turkish representative 6a Bilişim will be joining the Kamu-BIB as one of the sponsor companies. 6a Bilişim will be showcasing intergator as one of the big data solutions for attendees interested in knowledge and information management and enterprise search solutions for large organizations and enterprises.


As it does every year, Kamu-BİB’18 will host around 400 IT Managers from both public and private sectors of Turkey and authorities from Turkish Government.

The reports to be presented at the Kamu-BİB’18 will be on the following topics:

•             Smart Applications Developed by Using Public Data

•             Public Data Sharing Policies and Regulations

•             Successful Public IT Projects

•             Big Data Applications

Kamu BIB

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