Effective onboarding processes thanks to Enterprise Search

Onboarding made easy: intergator as a tool for training new employees

By Anke Marrs

When I started at interface projects nearly 4 weeks ago, I thought the onboarding process would be much more difficult than it actually was. As a new member of staff I needed to understand lots of new information and processes. Most importantly, I needed to learn where to find these information on the system. After all, the aim is to not invent the wheel all over again. But how is a new member of staff to know where to find information about a particular topic? Or in which folder a presentation is saved that can be used as a template? Or which information a customer received already and what additional things still need to be done? These questions were of course answered by my new and thankfully very understanding colleagues. These colleagues are an integral part of training for somebody new like me. I cannot imagine what it would have been like without their help. BUT, at the same time, I find it difficult to imagine my training without intergator. For me, this tool has proved itself as an intuitive and effective source for information and knowledge. Right from the beginning I was able to quickly access and use all the information I needed to do my work. This meant that I was able to apply myself at interface projects within a very short period of time.

Minimize human resources for onboarding with the help of intergator

I was asked to prepare an “out of the box” quotation and the colleague to ask how to best do this was not in the office. What now? Have we perhaps offered something similar to another customer in the past?

Without intergator, I would have had to look through a mass of folders and search the CRM system in the hope of finding information that would help me with my task. I would have probably got there in the end; after several hours or when my colleague would have returned to the office. With the help of intergator I was able find the right information with minimum search effort. I was quickly able to prepare the quotation. No changes were required and the customer received everything the same day. The customer was satisfied and so was I!


intergator enables you to work effectively.  All of the information you should know, but which you either may not be aware of yet or which you may have already forgotten, can be accessed quickly and with minimum search effort. (also interesting read on the topic: A search-based information hub as intelligent assistant for daily business)