Enhance your customer service with enterprise search

How to make your CRM/Call Center System a single point of access to resolve customer cases!?


Agent productivity & contact center performance are one of the typical goals of every call center solution/ CRM vendor or any organisation which work a lot with the B2C concept.

The agents only need one application to resolve cases/issues and get a 360 degree view of the customer. But in some contact centers agents use at least two or three information systems to research each call or case and try to build a knowledge map in their mind to react with a suitable answer.

intergator is a smart, agile system that acts as a knowledge management platform. With intergator integration in your help desk or CRM as a universal search and proactive content recommendation system  you can raise agent productivity & contact center performance by at least 20% . This best practice session, with real-world examples & a demonstration will show you how intergator performs:

  • All the information to solve cases at hand
  • Empowers your agents to solve cases quickly
  • Automates expertise finding & maximizes use of “tribal knowledge”
  • Supports Knowledge Centered Support principles & makes KCS achievable
  • Efficient information retrieval and added-value services.
  • No waste of time with long searches and ineffective work.

Search based call center applications can securely provideall enterprise content to give your agents and community members a 360 degreeview of any case or topic.


Single Point of Access

Single Point of Access