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interface projects GmbH is a leading German company offering intelligent enterprise search and information management solutions with its product intergator. Regardless of industry and size, intergator supports intelligent information access in any organization. Content from various data sources is aggregated and analyzed across applications and systems.

Our Product

intergator is an intelligent cross-application search engine, knowledge management and analytics platform based on machine learning. intergator is offered as software and as appliance solution. Serving as a single point of access intergator unlocks valuable content, whether it exists in file servers, emails, websites, databases, cloud content, SharePoint, CRM, ECM, PLM, ERP (SAP), or any other data source. It allows users to gain access to all essential data inside and outside their organization on any platform or device, instantly and securely.
Being more than a universal search tool, the intergator social dashboard is a personalized interface and information cockpit, tailored to share information. intergator has proven to be an extremely efficient tool as it allows users to navigate within search results and to limit or extend these upon needs. Moreover, intergator expands on a keyword search and provides powerful algorithms, interrelations and social media monitoring solutions.

Why intergator?

Key business information is always lost between millions of documents, emails and websites. An integrative and holistic approach to information management supports large companies and organizations to gain and maintain a competitive edge in times of big data. intergator is not only an intelligent and comprehensive enterprise search solution. It furthermore supports users in developing all relevant data and delivering a prerequisite for a further added-value use. Within seconds employees and customers are able to find all business-relevant information from millions of data sets. Integrate intergator into your existing system and leverage an enterprise-wide search which takes access rights into account.

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Founded in Dresden, 1993

Industry / Business Segments 

  • Enterprise Search
  • Knowledge Management
  • Information Management
  • Content Analytics
  • Social Intranet

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Client base
More than 220 installations
More than 300 OEM customers

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Dr. Uwe Crenze
Eduard Daoud