24.08.2016 | Semantic Search for intergator

When I wrote my last blog post 16 months ago I had not imagined to be part of the intergator team for so long. Nevertheless, following my internship I was not only offered a student job, but after that the opportunity to write my diploma thesis here. What had been the focus of my internship assignment[…]

12.08.2016 | Unlocking knowledge according to ISO 9001:2015 with intergator

For the first time the new DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 explicitly calls for an adequate dealing with organizational knowledge.  The norm requirements are related to knowledge which is necessary for the operation of processes and to achieve conformity of the organization’s products and services. The DIN ISO 9001:2015 does not require the introduction of knowledge[…]

28.06.2016 | Communardo’s Digital Workplace is now more intelligent and agile

intergator and Communardo partnership makes the Digital Workplace more intelligent and connected We are now offering our intelligent enterprise search and knowledge management solution intergator in cooperation with Communardo, the leading German specialist and digital innovator within the Digital Workplace. This partnership further extends and enables enterprises to deliver the most innovative, intelligent digital experience[…]

12.02.2016 | GSA – Google Search Appliance Replacement Program

The impending need for a Google Search Appliance replacement program A lot of companies are now facing the challenge to find a Google Search Appliance GSA replacement, because this product will not be supported much longer (Source: Fortune.com). To get more information about our Google Appliance replacement program just drop us a mail on sales@intergator.de[…]

15.12.2015 | Knowledge Management & Enterprise Search in HEALTHCARE

Our colleague from our MEA representative office Mr. Nabil Azar shares his thoughts about an improved healthcare management with the intelligent Enterprise Search and Knowledge Management platform intergator. “Potential Challenges: Healthcare providers, researchers, and administrative staff – have difficulties finding the information they need, as content is stored in multiple locations: an institutional document repository[…]

01.11.2015 | Knowledge Management by Reifenhaeuser Group

Founded in 1911, the Reifenhäuser Group is now the leading provider of innovative technologies and components for plastics extrusion. The six highly specialized business  reifenhauser-logounits provide advanced solutions to customers around the world. With the Group’s technologies and a highly skilled workforce of over 1,400 employees, the Reifenhäuser Group enables customers to produce films, nonwovens, monofilaments and wood polymer composites of the highest quality. To ensure an effective cooperation between all offices and business units various IT services are provided.


14.07.2015 | Enterprise search for small businesses/ intergator mini vs Google mini

A lot of companies are now facing the challenge of replacing the Google Mini, because this product isn’t supported anymore. intergator offers a feature for feature match against the Google Mini and replacement without downtime and with small investment.

Before I go more deeply into a comparison between intergator mini und google mini let me bring some light into enterprise search first.

Enterprise Search is a part of information management.


22.06.2015 | 6 benefits of Knowledge Management : achieve them with intergator

Find right information/data faster Get rid of duplicity Avoid making same mistakes Your information, your way Faster decision making Secure your information   Further information at https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/6-benefits-knowledge-management-achieve-them-intergator-anil-lohia Author:  Anil Lohia

09.06.2015 | Why intergator and not BI solution!?

BI solutions e.g. Tableau are an excellent analytics visualisation software, but intergator is a comprehensive knowledge management, delivery and services solution including:

03.06.2015 | interface projects GmbH is the new partner of edoc solutions ag

„If you would know, where it is, what you were looking for, you wouldn’t look for it.“ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe   Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe stated that a search for the knowing unnecessary is. This credo is also an essential component regarding the topic Enterprise Content Management (ECM). For not only the systematic[…]