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Enterprise Search as a Knowledge Management solution in the food processing industry: Weber Maschinenbau GmbH

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„Rarely has a software introduction received so much positive feedback. The high value and ease of use have made intergator a popular tool for employees and management alike.“

Thomas Runzheimer | Project Manager[/box]


Weber Maschinenbau GmbH, headquartered in Breidenbach/Hessen, is a specialized company for the food processing industry and among the world leaders in the field of high-performance cutting systems. Approximately 1.300 employees at 22 locations in 18 nations are employed by Weber Maschinenbau.

The Task

The reason for the enterprise search project was the need to improve knowledge management within the company, as expressed by different departments. In-depth analyses by the IT department led to a common result: The first step is to enable a company-wide, cross-system searching and finding of data and documents.

The Solution

After internal workshops, market research and extensive testing, the decision was made for the cross-system search of intergator by the company interface projects GmbH from Dresden/ Germany. From a technical point of view,  intergator convinced for example with the possibility to integrate the existing document management system d.3 from develop into the company-wide search. From a commercial perspective, intergator stood out from competitors in terms of price-performance ratio.

After a successful rollout, the intergator search is now the entry page for employees. By means of single-sign-on (SSO), no additional logon to the system is required and users are given the search results according to their authorizations.

In addition to d.3, other data sources such as various file servers, Microsoft Exchange, public pages of the MediaWiki, the weberweb.com website and the SAP module for merchandise management were integrated. For the SAP module, the search preview for orders views has been optimized, among other things. By installing an intergator appliance, maximum performance for up to 25 million index objects has been achieved with minimal technical integration overhead.



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Logo Weber Maschinenbau GmbH Breidenbach

Guenther-Weber-Str. 3
35236 Breidenbach/ Germany

[/box][box title=”Challenges“]

  • Quick and comprehensive search across multiple data sources
  • Ease of use
  • Full integration of d.3 CMS
  • Consideration of different authorizations within the CMS documents
  • Indexing of MS Exchange, website weberweb.com, file server, SAP merchandise management, MediaWiki
  • High data volume

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The complete case study of weber Maschinenbau GmbH Breidenbach can be downloaded here as PDF [247 KB].