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intergator Trusted Search Appliance for Compliance Monitoring and smart Information Management at Viessmann

Customer‘s opinion

„ The intergator Trusted Search Appliance is the ideal solution for us to make particularly sensitive data available to the appropriate employees and managers in a secure and low-risk manner. The intergator search solution is based on existing security concepts, so that the given access rights and roles are not violated or even circumvented.“
Bernd Koller | Head of Technology and Groupware


The Viessmann Group is one of the leading international manufacturers of heating, industrial and cooling systems. Today, a company’s success often depends on decisions based on relevant and complete information. The Viessmann Group has recognized this challenge and decided for the implementation of a sustainable IT strategy.

The Task

In particular, information security and data protection are of great importance, when it comes to aggregating information and data from different systems and making it accessible to everyone. Easy access to information via an Enterprise Search solution often reveals weak points in the users’ authorization assignments. For particularly sensitive information, the same conditions must apply to the search solution as apply to the source systems of the information. If an Enterprise Search brings together personal data, this application is subject to the regulations of the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG).

The Solution

In order to take into account the sensitivity of certain documents and records, the results of a search query are filtered according to the rights and roles of the users. This means that access rights from the connected systems must be mapped. For data sources, where the administrator himself/herself does not have access to the data, the subject of indexing is becoming increasingly complex.This is due to the fact that the search engine requires read access to all data that is to be indexed.

At Viessmann Group, to meet these increased security requirements, an enhanced Trusted Search Appliance is being deployed used in addition to the already existing secure standard search solution. Over and above organizational enhancements, this Trusted Search Appliance restricts access to authorized users only. This does not only protect against outside access. Furthermore, administrators are also excluded from search results, with the exception of support incidents.

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  • Controlled (principle of dual control) and documented access by administrators (Audit Logging)
  • User profiles and search queries are treated anonymously
  • Special access protection for the index and encrypted transmission between system components
  • Complete integration into existing role and security concepts
  • Encryption of data already at hardware level
  • No access to particularly sensitive data without authorization

intergator Solution

  • intergator Trusted Search Appliance

The complete case study of Viessmann Group can be here downloaded as PDF [231 KB]