intergator case study – Notary’s office Notariat Becker

Solving challenges of storage and accessibility at a notary’s office with Enterprise Search


Customer opinion

“In comparison to a simple full text search intergator does not leave us alone with thousand of results but provides elegant and very efficient possibilities to navigate through results, and to limit or extend them as needed.”

Michael Becker | Notary


Located at the heart of Dresden’s baroque quarter, the notary’s office “Notariat Becker” offers a great range of notary services. For more than twenty years now, the notary’s office has been successfully assisting clients with the preparation of legal opinions, contract drafts, certifications and many other requirements deriving both from private and business operations.

The Task

The term “notary” is derived from the Latin word “notarius” and literally means “a fast writer”. The word’s origin points to the special challenge of notaries: Countless files, contracts and their associated customer data as well as their communication history need to be permanently and securely archived and be made accessible on demand. These data are stored in specialized document management systems like the software “Akte”, in emails, in digital contracts on the file system, but also on webpages and in electronic adress books.

The Solution

Due to above mentioned storage and accessibility issues the notary’s office Notariat Becker has decided to use intergator. Core of the intergator solution is a cross-system search engine which links to all systems: During the indexing process intelligent analysis modules provide for automatic keywording and classification of the information, independent of its data source.

Furthermore, the intergator Social Dashboard is based on the company-wide cross-system search.  With respect to the respective access perrmissions of the registered user widgets provide a fast overview on relevant information from all integrated systems. Other widgets structure project-specific information, personal and centrally managed RSS feeds, or provide a guide to relevant offers on the Internet.

Notary Notariat Becker

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Königstraße 17
01097 Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 808 06 0

The Challenge

  • File system with more than 1 million documents
  • Contact information from notary software „Akte“
  • Emails from IMAP

intergator solution

  • Indexing of all relevant data sources
  • Automatic keywording and classification of information
  • Structured presentation of relevant information through the intergator Dashboard

The complete case study of the notary’s office Notariat Becker can be downloaded here as PDF [218 KB].