intergator Case Study – Zittau/ Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences

Efficient Research with Enterprise Search at Zittau/ Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences


Costumer opinion

“Scientific work builds on the foundation of available research results and information. Thanks to intergator I am able find these quickly and reliably. “

Prof. Dr. techn. Stefan Kornhuber, MBA | Faculty of EE and Computer Science


The Zittau/ Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences (HSZG) has about 3.000 students, 116 professors and over 140 research staff. It is  located at the border triangle between Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland. The research institutes of the Zittau/ Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences have developed an excellent reputation among partners from science, society and business in selected research areas. This is the result of interdisciplinary work by professors and employees, as well as long-standing and close cooperation relationships with partners and companies. The Department of High Voltage Engineering/Materials of Electrical Engineering (ET)/ Theoretical EE has been devoted to research for more than three decades, leading to a considerable volume of documents by internal and external authors.

The Task

Scientific research is partly based on the findings of past research which have been documented and stored in various data sources. Accordingly, the retrieval of specific content presents a significant challenge. It is precisely this challenge that the specialist field has set itself to overcome by introducing an efficient, system-wide search. In addition to the need for a  powerful search it was important to provide for data protection regulations on the basis of a simple system administration.

The Solution

interface projects GmbH won the tender for the search project. interface: projects has specialized in the realization of information systems and Knowledge Management solutions and has extensive experience working with research institutes as well as applied sciences universities.  With its own product intergator a system-wide search can be implemented, which allows for simultaneous access to various data sources, as for example the FileSystem of the HSZG. The great advantage in this: a long and time-consuming search in different sources is no longer necessary and the search is performed conveniently in one central search interface. intergator operates in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and operates purely internally within the institutes, ensuring that knowledge does not leak to the outside.

intergator does not replace the structured filing of results of scientific work. However, search times are significantly reduced. Through the use of intergator’s system-wide search the research work has been substantially facilitated and staff resources can be focused on the research itself.

Zittau/ Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences

Logo Hochschule Zittau Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Specialty area High Voltage Engineering / Materials of EE / Theoretical EE
02763  Zittau/ Germany

Telephone:  +49 3583 612 4365

The Challenge

  • Often arbitrarily filed documentation of findings of scientific research
  • Difficulty in retrieving research results
  • Areas of tension: Changes in information technology and the resulting flood of knowledge

intergator Solution

  • Operators for limiting the search process
  • Facets for limiting delivered search results on the basis of various parameters
  • Navigator for intuitive movement within search results
  • Preview function for fast and comfortable viewing of search hits
  • Tagging for the re-finding of explicit documents

The complete case study of Zittau/ Goerlitz University of Applied Sciences can be downloaded here as PDF [309 KB].