intergator Case Study – STRATO AG

Customer opinion

„intergator Enterprise Search supports our staff by retrieving information quickly from different sources and answering various customer enquiries to their full satisfaction.“

M. Schillert | STRATO AG


With more than 4 million domains, 55,000 servers and over 500 employees STRATO AG in Berlin is one of Europe’s second largest providers of internet hosting and web applications. The performance of the operator in the field of websites, servers and online stores is regularly assessed by TÜV (German Association for Technical Inspection).

STRATO direct their offerings to corporate customers as well as to private users, such as the setup of a personal web adress, hosting packages, web shop solution, online storage, Homepage Builder and also virtual and dedicated servers.

Security and availability of all stored data in the two high-performance computing centers in Berlin and Karlsruhe are certified periodically by independent certification according to DIN ISO 27001.

The Product Portfolio of STRATO AG:

  • Hosting
  • Modular packages for homepage
  • Webshops
  • Online storage
  • Virtual and dedicated servers

The Task

The distribution and use of digital information rises inexorably. Information will be collected, stored, saved or archived.

The STRATO support team contributes significantly to the company’s success. The employees daily access multiple types of internal information resources, including unstructured data sets that are sometimes in different databases and file servers.

The search can become an especially time-consuming process. It is often observed that information is newly provided, saved a second time and accessing the document again, the current version cannot be identified.

The Solution

The challenge for the helpdesk staff is therefore to find the right information quickly and systematically. For the STRATO AG intergator Enterprise Search makes the search accurate, file management efficient and contributes to significant and valuable time-saving.


Pascalstraße 10
10587 Berlin
Tel.: +49 30 300 146 0
Web: www.strato.de

The Challenge

  • Search in Knowledge Base, FAQ database, intranet and QM tool to support helpdesk staffs
  • No direct access to external hosted databases

intergator solution

  • A complex web crawler configuration with cookie handling specially adapted to the applications and rules for avoiding duplicates.

The complete case study of STRATO AG can be downloaded here as PDF [236 KB].