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intergator Enterprise Search for cross-organizational and website search of City of Dresden


[box title=”Costumer opinion“]

“Our users especially appreciate the Documentation Reader which is  provided by the search solution. It has a hit-location marker, which marks search hits in the preview document. They have equally been impressed by the clear presentation of information related to a search term (e.g. path details, authors, copy rights, links).”

Tina Grams | Business Unit General Administration | EB IT services[/box]

The Challenge

The project with the state capital of Dresden was aimed at optimizing their press archive in the areas of Press and Public Relations. Until then, employees had worked with an in-house developed and Lotus Notes based solution. However, this solution was no longer able to meet all needs and requirements of the employees in a user-friendly and effective manner. As a result, the state capital of Dresden was faced with the challenge to integrate a user-oriented and easy-to-use solution to optimize existing workflows in a targeted manner. They were looking at three options: Either further develop the in-house solution based on Lotus Notes, or introduce an organization-wide search (Enterprise Search) or implement a document management system (DMS).

The Solution

After careful consideration of benefits and disadvantages, the decision was made for the intergator Enterprise Search solution by interface:projects from Dresden. The following factors proved to be crucial in the decision-making process:

  • A quick and efficient implementation
  • No intervention into existing systems or processes
  • Use of new technologies and optimal search algorithms
  • Integration of all required external data sources and data formats
  • Enabling of a topic-oriented search

Another advantage of the intergator Enterprise Search Solution is its independence of other software technologies used within the organization. Thus, for example, at a later time it would be possible to implement a DMS system without any complications.  Furthermore, newly added data sources can be integrated into the search at a later stage. In addition, intergator enables specific search queries, for example queries on existing images and their associated release permissions, or queries on previously written welcoming speeches for special occasions. The easy navigation within search results through facets and a classification into categories has proven very helpful and user-friendly.

Due to its usage possibilities across the whole organization the intergator search solution is now being used not only in the area of Press and Public Relations, but by the entire city administration. This immensely supports day-to-day work in terms of finding existing relevant information and documents. Impressed by its functionality, the intergator search has furthermore been linked to the internet presence of the city so that visitors to the website www.dresden.de can benefit from its convenient search function.


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Logo City of Dresden

St.-Petersburger Str. 9
01069 Dresden
Phone: +49 351 – 4880
Email: stadtverwaltung@dresden.de[/box]

[box title=”Challenges“]

  • Integration of a variety of data sources and data formats without interfering with existing processes, workflows and systems
  • Complex structure due to Lotus Notes
  • Semantic search queries[/box]

[box title=”intergator Solutions“]

  • Central in-house search solution
  • Special connectors for customer-specific data sources
  • OCR Service for an effective full-text search
  • Search on the public websites of dresden.de



The complete case study of State Capital of Dresden can be downloaded here as PDF [232 KB].