intergator Case Study – Insurer Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen

Enterprise Search at the Insurer Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen


Costumer opinion

“The FixFinder by intergator enables our in-house employees to access information from different source systems quickly and efficiently.”

Detlev Eichhorn | IT Project Manager, Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen


The Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen (SVS) is the only insurance company in Saxony. It started business operations on 1 October 1992. Its headquarters are in Dresden, its business region is the Free State of Saxony. The company offers all relevant insurance products for private, commercial and municipal customers. With over 1 million contracts the company has developed a leading market position in Saxony: Every second household is insured by the Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen.

The Task

In 2011 the Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen collected a series of ideas for the optimization of its internal information management. During this process, the “retrieval of information and data in different source systems” was given the highest priority. Numerous technical disciplines defined the information search process as a time-waster which impedes internal productivity. Based on this finding, a detailed requirements specification as well as a subsequent software selection process was initiated. As a result, Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen opted for intergator Enterprise Search.

The Solution

The functionality of the intergator Enterprise Search was first demonstrated with a test installation. In addition to demonstrating feasibility, this also allowed requirements for the live system to be identified and formulated. Since the successful internal rollout intergator has provided users with central access to information from various internal source systems. Starting from a central interface, data can now be found from the in-house intranet, file system (Novell), user email boxes (Lotus Notes) as well as from various address directories and quality management manuals. In this respect, FixFinder – as the intergator has been christened internally – offers a high degree of functionality and user comfort. Performance requirements have also been met, both in terms of use and in the context of indexing.

About interface projects GmbH

interface:projects has specialized in the development of information management solutions. Its product intergator provides a cross-system search engine and knowledge management solution with a comfortable and functional search interface. Time-consuming searching of different data sources is no longer required. intergator acts in accordance with the Federal Data Protection Act and is based on existing authorization concepts.

The complete case study of Sparkassen-Versicherung Sachsen can be downloaded here as PDF [237 KB].

Sparkassen – Versicherung Sachsen

Insurance company Sparkassen Versicherung Sachsen

An der Flutrinne 12
01139 Dresden
Telefon: +49 351 42 35–0

The Challenge

  • Quick search in a variety of sources, among others Lotus Notes Mail (including archives), Notes special databases, Novell Filesystem, Intranet
  • Customer-specific data protection (representative regulation) and data security requirements (virus protection)
  • Team-specific views of the same data; team-specific ranking

intergator solution

  • Reading from sources using product-specific connectors; Implementation of customer-specific adaptations using plug-ins
  • Indexing of a customer-specific intergator appliance (on site) while meeting requirements for indexing latencies and search times
  • Integration into the single sign-on (SSO) environment and intranet
  • Support for internal communication of the search solution
  • Training for independent operation (and administration) by SVS