intergator Case Study – Eucon GmbH

Customer opinion

“For one year now we have successfully been using intergator and our employees like it.”

Ruth Zeddies | Research Center | Eucon GmbH


Eucon is a solutions provider for business performance management and a specialist in added value information systems. Customers in automotive aftersales and the insurance industry choose Eucon to achieve improvements in their business processes.

At the moment 200 employees are working for the company which is growing considerably.

The Task

“We have been studying the European market of enterprise search and information management deeply. It was important to us, that automatic keyword extraction allows to consider individual tags in search facets. Furthermore for reasons of data security, it is important to us to store our customers’ information, which are confidential in great parts, in-house only. With their product intergator, interface:projects met our expectations concerning the upper mentioned challenge and a lot of other points as well as financial aspects. We have been using inter:gator for one year now successfully and our employees like it.”, says Ruth Zeddies, who is responsible for the research center.

The Solution

Striking is the drastic increase of efficiency on instructing new employees. Questions concerning paths or locations of documents get very rare due to the implementation of social-search-functionality. Relevant search results, documents in work process or the company-wide rss-feed can be reached on intergator dashboard quickly and easily.

Eucon GmbH


Schorlemerstraße 16
48143 Münster
Telefon: +49 251 144 96 0

The Challenge

  • To make data of internal library of Eucon available to all employees fast and efficiently
  • Internal server solution
  • Automatic keyword extraction
  • Usage of own keywords

intergator solution

  • Indexing all libraries on site
  • Implementation of a combined full-text and meta data search
  • Specifics
    • Adapting the keyword facet
    • Ranking of results according to customers’ needs

The complete case study of Eucon GmbH can be downloaded here as PDF [240 KB].